A Fall Friend Waving Hello~

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Okay, if you’ve been on Pinterest lately I know you’ve seen this adorable guy, Pumpkin Snowman.

And if you’re anything like me you HAVE to have one of your very own!

My original plan was to use real pumpkins; however, since it’s so early in the season I was worried about them not lasting until Halloween.

So, I bought Funkins.

Yes, that is they’re real name.

I let Ashlyn pick her favorite jack-o-lantern face from the Cricut Pumpkin Carving cartridge.

I used black outdoor vinyl and cut the image at 6″.

I used Medium Pressure and a blade setting of 4 to cut the vinyl.

As you can see it cut completely through the backing, but for this project it really didn’t matter.

I simply laid the pieces on my laptop, placed the transfer tape over top and rubbed until I was able to get the vinyl off the backing and on to the tape.

Here are the pieces ready to be placed on my Funkin. Opps! I mean pumpkin.

Once you have the image where you want it, simply rub the image until it completely and firmly sticks to the surface.

Unfortunately pumpkins and Funkins are not smooth, so keep this in mind when picking the spot for your vinyl.

You might have areas that will need to be occasionally touched up or might even need a bit of glue.

I gathered a few extra manly tools to help me assemble my pumpkin snowman.

Don’t worry I only used these for the metal rod running through the pumpkins to keep them all in place.

I added stick arms, a decorated straw hat and a leaf scarf to make him ready for Fall.

A close up~

A little extra friend~

He now sits and greets us with a friendly wave as we come and go.

Leave a comment here today and on yesterday’s post for a chance to win the new Circut Create a Critter 2 cartridge. This give-a-way is closed.

A winner will be announced on Wednesday, October 10th. Good Luck!

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I used~
Pumpkin Carving, Noah’s ABC Animals
Black vinyl, Transfer Tape, Various Fall Ashland Brand Decorations and Funkins
Various Manly Tools

In case you get lost along the way, click on any of the participants listed to go to their blog~
Sara @ http://www.sarawandrews.com

A Ghost! Eeek!!

Cricut is letting everyone use several of the Create A Critter 2 images for free this week. Yippee!

Since Hartly is SO excited about the ghosts on the Spooky Tree, I thought I would use the adorable ghost image to make her her very own Eeek shirt.

And I decided I would share the ups and downs of working with vinyl with you.

Cutting the vinyl~

For the Flocked Vinyl that comes backed with a special protective covering I treated it just like heavy cardstock; however, I double cut it and taped it to the mat.

The regular heat transfer vinyl I cut as regular cardstock without any problems or issues.

Placing the image on the shirt~

After picking the perfect spot for my little ghost I started to iron.

Do you see any thing wrong with this picture?

Ironing the image~

Yes, I’m ironing my image on the WRONG side of the shirt! Yikes!

After carefully peeling my ghost off the back I re-applied him to the front.

This just goes to show you how forgiving vinyl can be.

And it also shows how I like to use Parchment Paper as my protective covering, since I can cut the paper to size.

First layer~

The second layer of the pirate hat and eye patch will easily cover up my little oppsies.

Don’t be timid with the iron as it takes considerable heat and pressure to get all the layers to stick.

Peeling the protective cover off the second layer~

A final heating to set~

After all the layers are in place and attached I like to go over them all again to set everything one last time.

Just be very careful with the regular vinyl as it can easily scorch if not covered with transfer mesh, a cloth or parchment paper.

All done~

I added a few buttons as decorations, and my shirt is done.


It’s a ghost!

I used~
Flocked Vinyl, Regular Heat Transfer Vinyl, Favorite Findings Buttons and Bazzill Buttons
T-shirt,iron and parchment paper
Create a Critter 2 and CCR

It’s a B Birthday~

The youngest extended family member is turning One today!

And being kind, considerate parents we decided to NOT give a gift that required batteries or earplugs unlike the gifts given to our littlest.

Instead we gave a gift with LOTS of pieces! He he!

Here is the little wagon that gets filled with building blocks~

Needs a little something doesn’t it?

While searching CCR for all the various fonts to personalize it I came across this crown with the letter B from Once Upon a Princess.

It’s perfect for the Birthday girl. Being the little sister to two rowdy, big brothers she needs all the pink, girly frills she can get.

My image after I have weeded away all the excess vinyl~

My settings~ Blade Depth 4, Medium pressure, Medium speed

I have found applying vinyl is SO easy that my helper did all of the work~

She is available if you ever need assistance. Just ask.

I liked the crown so much, I also made a little card with it.

The good news is the wagon made it to the Birthday girl.

The bad news is my helper may have kept some of the blocks!

I used~
Once Upon a Princess, pink vinyl, Me & My Big Ideas Chester paper, Coredinations Foundation cardstock, MS glitter, twine

Not your average project~

Is it?

My hubby, the Varsity Softball Coach, wanted to recognize one of his player’s hitting this season. So, he came up with the Silver Slugger Award and asked if I would personalize it.

Of course, when he first asked he mention a bat. Imagine my surprise this morning when I found a tape measure waiting for me with his notes.

My first response was HOW on Earth was I going to get all that information on that small surface? My second was I wonder just HOW small I can cut vinyl?

But, I did it!

I used CCR and Cricut Craft Room Basics Standard Font at a size of .5″ for my letters and numbers.

To cut the vinyl I set my blade to a depth of 4 to achieve a kiss cut. This means cutting the vinyl, but leaving the paper backing intact.

I weeded or in simpler terms removed the surrounding excess vinyl away from my letters. I also used this cut to properly position and space my images on the tape measure.

I then placed the Transfer Tape on top of my image and rubbed until the vinyl letters easily peeled off the paper backing.

Here is my vinyl all ready to be place on the tape measure~

To adhere you simply rub it on until you can lift the transfer tape without lifting the vinyl.

The finished project~

I am sure this will be an award that is remembered for a long time.

I hope she likes it or if not at least let’s her dad use it!