Project Life 2013 ~January 5th – 12th

I know it’s only week two, but I’m loving working on this.

It helps that I’ve been taking Jessica Sprague’s Digital Project Life class.

You can find her class at

Not only does Jessica take you step by step through each lesson, but she teaches you the ins and outs of Photoshop and provides you with lots of digital products.

Love that!

January 5th through January 8th~

My first page is mainly done using physical products, but I used Photoshop to add several digital elements to the photos.

My second page began as a full digital page.

My digital version~

I was able to practice the lessons learned in class and am very happy with how it looks.

And of course, I just had to see what it would look like if I printed it.

Using white cardstock I was able to print it and then add a few other embellishments.

My printed version~

Not to bad if you ask me.

I can’t say I prefer one method over the other or that one is quicker either, so I think I will be using both through out the year.

But, I will be purchasing some photo or presentation paper to print on in the future.

I used~
Becky Higgins Turquoise Core Kit Digital Edition, Clementine Core Kit
Studio Calico Wood Veneer Letters, Hearts and Arrows, Washi Tape, Studio Calico Open Me Stamp, Office Roller Date Stamp, Dear Lizzy Date Stamp

I’ve probably missed a supply or two, so if you have a question just ask.


I can see why people love digital scrapbooking.

It’s rather addictive.

While sitting in the recliner with my feet propped up, a snack beside me and watching Scooby Doo for the millionth time I just completed another layout.

No searching for scissors, adhesive or my die cutting mats.

How is it that I always misplace those things?

But with digital scrapbooking everything is right here at my fingertips.

My layout~

This was my homework assignment for Jessica Sprague’s Up & Running with Photoshop Lesson One.

It was a digital quick page that simply required taking a photo, converting it to black and white and adding journaling.

I wanted to add a bit more to the title; however, my Photoshop skills are not quite there yet.

But, I think it all works.

And I didn’t misplace a thing!

Then & Now~

You might find this hard to believe, but I let a friend talk me into taking a digital scrapbooking class over at

Shocking, I know!

The only thing better than taking an online scrapbooking class is buying one when it’s on SALE. Yippee!

Up until today all I had gotten out of it was a daily Groupon email telling me about the unbelievable deals in my area.

But, today I finally started Jessica’s Up and Running with Photoshop class.

My layout~

This is a quick page meaning I added the photos to the background page, and then I added the pre-made title, embellishments and journaling.

Easy peasy!

And once again Jessica taught how to save my project for both printing and web or internet purposes.

I can not tell you how valuable this lesson has been to me. It makes emailing and loading projects to various message boards a quick and simple process rather than the 12 step program I was using. Yippee!

Now I just need to see how my friend is doing on the class….

Who took their Silhouette on vacation with them?

Oh Yeah! Me!!

I am a geek, but I know it and celebrate it.

But, really what else am I supposed to do while Hartly naps?

So, it makes sense now right?

Anyway, my Cricut and normal travel companion was left at home during this trip, because I had to send my Gypsy back to be worked on.

It suffered the black screen of death! Yikes!

And without it I would have to take a boatload of cartridges. Packing for a family of five means that’s NOT happening.

So, I’m using this time to take my Kerri Bradford Getting to Know You Silhouette classes over at

I can’t say enough good things about this class. It’s easy to follow, not expensive, and you get a TON of free cuts and images from Kerri. How awesome is that?

This is my Silhouette before~

And my Silhouette after~

A close up~

This cut comes free with several others upon purchase of your machine, but it was also part of our class homework assignment.

I used DCWV A Type of Art Matstack paper. I love this stack with it’s bright colors and fun text images!

I suggest setting your machine to double cut the paper especially if you’re using the paper with gloss.

As an added bonus my Silhouette didn’t have to be slathered in sunscreen!

I Made a Blog Header!!


Now I don’t think I’ll use it.

At least not this version, but I now know how to make one.

Thanks Jessica!

This was Lesson 4 in her FREE Photoshop Top 5 class found at

My header~

I also learned that there just aren’t very many pictures of me.

I’m usually either holding a child or looking like a hobo. And that just isn’t the way I want the world to see me!

So for now I’ll just be happy with knowing that I can make one.

Working with Frames & Textures~

It almost sounds like an HGTV show, doesn’t it?

But, it’s Lesson 3: Add Frames & Texture to a Photo from Jessican Sprague’s Photoshop Top 5 – Essential Techniques.

Here’s my original photo~

And after playing with a frame, a clipping mask and several textures this is my final version~

This lesson really helped me to understand the different ways you can manipulate the various layers, and the impact both big and little it can have on your photo.

As an added bonus I have a whole section of buttons that I’m no longer frightened of! Yippee!

I Just Completed My First ALL Digital page!!

Woot Woot!!

Of course, Jessica Sprague guided me step by step.

And she didn’t even fuss when I made her repeat herself about 5 times about the brush tool that I just could not find.

It was hiding behind the pencil the whole time! Silly brush!

My layout~

This is considered a Quick Page which means I only had to snap my picture in, add my journal brush and journaling. Easy Peasy!

You might notice that I used the picture that I completed for homework the night before.

Our next assignment was to complete a second page~

I added an Ali Edwards Bring On the Sun brush to this layout.

I think I like the mix of digital and paper scrapbooking together, also known as hybrid scrapbooking, better than just straight digital. I guess I just love dimension and layers too much!!

But, I did print out both of my layouts as 12 x 12’s and was very impressed with how well they looked.

Just a warning~ leave the border on when printing. I like having the white edge along my printed layout much better than having the edges cut off.

Or maybe I need Jessica to walk me through printing. Ha!

Okay, I can’t wait to see what’s in store for today!