Letter Envy Giftbag

It’s National Scrapbooking Day!! And for me that means Weekend!! Yippee!!

If you can’t tell by my over use of exclaimation marks, I’m a little excited.

The Cricut Circle Blog is having a big celebration this year. Right NOW they are having a timed challenge using Letter Envy Font.

So, I’ve changed the baby, given her the remote and goldfish and am working like a mad woman!

Sorry, if you’re getting this before I’ve finished the entire post. But, I’m running out of time. I’ll be back.

Whew! I got it posted in time, but you should have seen me turning off every wifi device in the house. My internet kept going out on me. I think I’m sweating! Yuck!

Here is my project~

I decided to use the Elise Imagine Cartridge to print a pattern directly on a white gift bag. I was a bit worried that it might not dry well, but it worked perfectly.

I then used Letter Envy Font to cut my favorite crest at 4″ after flood filling it with a different pattern. I also flood filled several layers of the letter E to use as a tag.

I found the most delicate butterfly from Sophie. Flood filled and cut at 3.5 and 3″. I pop dotted the layers as well.

I think it turned out rather pretty and serene even if it was created in an utter panic!

Now I’ve got to go replace all my Christian parenting books Hartly has pulled from the shelves. I hope some thing good rubs off on us both!