Hello There Jack-O-Lantern!

You know how you see a project someone has made and you just have to try it?

My DCWV Stack-a-holic Design team member, Amanda Phillips, made the most adorable paper jack-o-lanterns.

Hers are so much better, so please check them out here.

Meet my Jack~

I made him for the Cricut Circle Canadian Swarm.

I know I’m not Canadian, but those girls are letting this Virginia girl and everyone else join in the fun.

The first challenge was to create a Halloween Home Decor item using one Cricut cut, the color purple and at least one of the following: glitter, ribbon or a Cuttlebug embossing folder.

I think I managed to use them all but the glitter.

The back of Jack is a purple, green, orange and black plaid, so the purple does actual match.

Jack is proudly sitting on the steps with the other pumpkins waiting for Halloween.

Or at least he was until Hartly carried him off.

Hmmm…wonder if Jack will survive until Halloween.

If you’re a Cricut Circle member, please join in the fun.

I used~
DCWV The Bewitched Stack and The Halloween & Fall Stack
Favorite Findings Buttons, Ribbon, Papertrey Twine
Pumpkin Carvings for the Jack-o-lantern face, CTMH Artiste for the leaf
Forest Branches Cuttlebug Folder and Misc Tim Holtz Folder

A Ghost! Eeek!!

Cricut is letting everyone use several of the Create A Critter 2 images for free this week. Yippee!

Since Hartly is SO excited about the ghosts on the Spooky Tree, I thought I would use the adorable ghost image to make her her very own Eeek shirt.

And I decided I would share the ups and downs of working with vinyl with you.

Cutting the vinyl~

For the Flocked Vinyl that comes backed with a special protective covering I treated it just like heavy cardstock; however, I double cut it and taped it to the mat.

The regular heat transfer vinyl I cut as regular cardstock without any problems or issues.

Placing the image on the shirt~

After picking the perfect spot for my little ghost I started to iron.

Do you see any thing wrong with this picture?

Ironing the image~

Yes, I’m ironing my image on the WRONG side of the shirt! Yikes!

After carefully peeling my ghost off the back I re-applied him to the front.

This just goes to show you how forgiving vinyl can be.

And it also shows how I like to use Parchment Paper as my protective covering, since I can cut the paper to size.

First layer~

The second layer of the pirate hat and eye patch will easily cover up my little oppsies.

Don’t be timid with the iron as it takes considerable heat and pressure to get all the layers to stick.

Peeling the protective cover off the second layer~

A final heating to set~

After all the layers are in place and attached I like to go over them all again to set everything one last time.

Just be very careful with the regular vinyl as it can easily scorch if not covered with transfer mesh, a cloth or parchment paper.

All done~

I added a few buttons as decorations, and my shirt is done.


It’s a ghost!

I used~
Flocked Vinyl, Regular Heat Transfer Vinyl, Favorite Findings Buttons and Bazzill Buttons
T-shirt,iron and parchment paper
Create a Critter 2 and CCR

It’s Spooky Time~

I couldn’t wait any longer.

The DCWV Bewitched papers and embellishments were begging me to use them.

In our house Halloween is a pretty big deal.

When Ashlyn and Holden were smaller shortly after their March birthday the talks would begin on what they were going to be for Halloween.

Yes, we Andrews are planners.

A lot of time and thought goes into Halloween preparations~ the right costume, the right candy and the right decorations.

So, I guess it’s no surprise that I decided to decorate my Pottery Barn tree for Halloween last night.

I used the Cricut Happy Hauntings cartridge to cut my characters at 4.75″ tall.

My Spooky crew~

My tree all decorated~

A close up of Vampire Rob~

I love, love, love the foil and glitter paper found in the Cardstock Stack.

I was nervous about cutting them; however, they both cut easily and cleanly.

Using a well used, but sticky mat I used High Pressure, Medium Speed and a Blade Depth of 6.

A close up of my pal Frank~

The other ornaments~

I punched several of the decorated papers with various Fiskars punches and used several of the embellishments to make additional ornaments.

I also added little ribbon flags to the branches as well.

As you can see Hartly approves~

I do believe her favorite is the ghost.

Every time she sees it we hear, “Eeeek! A Ghost!!”

And yes, it is now sitting prominently next to the breakfast table.

So, we will be hearing that a lot!

I used~
DCWV The Bewitched Stack, The Bewitched Cardstock Stack, The Bewitched Matstack and the Halloween Combo Embellishment Flip Pack
Halloween twine, Celebrate It and Studio G ribbon, TH Tiny Attacher
Happy Hauntings

Beads, Baubbles and Crystals~

Oh my!

I took part in a Stick Pin Swap on the Cricut Circle Board hosted by JJewel.

I have to tell you I was extremely nervous, since I had never worked with any of the items that were needed.

But, boy did I have fun!

Especially in the bead aisle at Michaels.

I think I purchased every pretty bead that caught my eye.

Plus, I have enough crystals left over to bedazzle my vehicle.

My supplies~

And yes, I also had some fun at Hobby Lobby too.

Everything sorted and organized~

Assembling the pins was fairly quick and easy.

Once I got the pattern I liked on the pin I used Glossy Accents to adhere the last two beads.

My pins drying~

I used the digital cartridge Party Picks and Pennants to make my tag holder.


A simple Tim Holtz Tiny Attacher held the pins in place.

A close up of my pins~

I have to tell you that the pins I got in return were absolutely fabulous!!

Thanks ladies!

Now if you happen to see a bedazzled Mini driving around…

I used~
Various beads, crystals and pins from Michaels
Glossy Accents, DCWV the Black & White stack, TH Tiny Attacher
Party Picks and Pennants

Sending Love Your Way~

This wreath was made over a year ago as a gift to my Grandmother.

It briefly brightened her room at the nursing home until her passing.

And now it hangs in my study as a constant reminder of her.

The heart holding birds and love phrase found on the Cricut Imagine Better Together cartridge was exactly the sentiment I wanted my wreath to express.

I chose a daisy like flower from the Cricut Mother’s Day Bouquet cartridge, because I think daisies are just a little, happy, go lucky flower.

I used two different patterns from DCWV’s the Blossom Song Stack paper for the flowers and even mixed them together for several of the flowers.

I do suggest double cutting the paper to cut cleanly and completely through the thicker, glossy parts.

That gloss really makes this wreath shine.

Much like the person it was made for did.

I used~
DCWV the Blossom Song Stack
Recollection gems
10″ Grapevine Wreath
Mother’s Day Bouquet for the flowers
Better Together for the birds and sign. The birds were printed and cut at fit to page and the sign at 3.5 inches.

I have some exciting news~


This was waiting for me yesterday in a giant pile of mail that accumulated while we were away on vacation.

Boy, was the Postmaster happy to see me.

But, not as happy as I was to see a package from Erin Madsen, the Queen of Stack-a-Holics.

I am beyond excited to have been selected to be a member of the DCWV Stack-a-Holic Design Team. And a tad bit nervous too.

I can’t wait to begin this journey with DCWV, and I’ll hope you’ll join me!

And let’s face it, this was SO much better than the American Express bill that was waiting on me too.

Who took their Silhouette on vacation with them?

Oh Yeah! Me!!

I am a geek, but I know it and celebrate it.

But, really what else am I supposed to do while Hartly naps?

So, it makes sense now right?

Anyway, my Cricut and normal travel companion was left at home during this trip, because I had to send my Gypsy back to be worked on.

It suffered the black screen of death! Yikes!

And without it I would have to take a boatload of cartridges. Packing for a family of five means that’s NOT happening.

So, I’m using this time to take my Kerri Bradford Getting to Know You Silhouette classes over at JessicaSprague.com.

I can’t say enough good things about this class. It’s easy to follow, not expensive, and you get a TON of free cuts and images from Kerri. How awesome is that?

This is my Silhouette before~

And my Silhouette after~

A close up~

This cut comes free with several others upon purchase of your machine, but it was also part of our class homework assignment.

I used DCWV A Type of Art Matstack paper. I love this stack with it’s bright colors and fun text images!

I suggest setting your machine to double cut the paper especially if you’re using the paper with gloss.

As an added bonus my Silhouette didn’t have to be slathered in sunscreen!

I Made a Blog Header!!


Now I don’t think I’ll use it.

At least not this version, but I now know how to make one.

Thanks Jessica!

This was Lesson 4 in her FREE Photoshop Top 5 class found at http://www.jessicassprague.com.

My header~

I also learned that there just aren’t very many pictures of me.

I’m usually either holding a child or looking like a hobo. And that just isn’t the way I want the world to see me!

So for now I’ll just be happy with knowing that I can make one.

Working with Frames & Textures~

It almost sounds like an HGTV show, doesn’t it?

But, it’s Lesson 3: Add Frames & Texture to a Photo from Jessican Sprague’s Photoshop Top 5 – Essential Techniques.

Here’s my original photo~

And after playing with a frame, a clipping mask and several textures this is my final version~

This lesson really helped me to understand the different ways you can manipulate the various layers, and the impact both big and little it can have on your photo.

As an added bonus I have a whole section of buttons that I’m no longer frightened of! Yippee!

Playing Around with Photoshop~

With Jessica Sprague!!

Her wonderful and educational website, http://www.jessicasprague.com, is turning 5, so to celebrate Jessica is teaching a FREE class called The Photoshop Top 5.

Day One was a Welcome to Photoshop and a tutorial on how to edit a picture.

Now as simple as this sounds, I am extremely intimidated by all the options, buttons, parts and pieces that make up Photoshop Elements. So, I tend to stick with the Auto Correct feature that comes with the basic photo gallery on my computer. Silly, I know.

Here is my original picture~

Jessica walked us through how to correct skin tones, contrasts, using the screen and soft light features and then we turned our photos into black and whites or more accurately a sepia tone. She even showed us how to sharpen those images.

My finished product~

Today’s lesson will be making a digital scrapbooking page using our picture. I can’t wait!!

Did I mention she showed how to save an image in a web size? This means I won’t have to use Photobucket to resize and load pictures on certain Message Boards. Woo Hoo!!

I have to say that I just LOVE her teaching style. She just makes it so easy to follow along.

I wonder if she could help me figure out how to program the auto windshield wipers in my car?

Or how to get my iPod off of the shuffle mode?