Project Life 2012 ~ March 25th through April 14th

I got a little bit more done today. Yippee!!

Week of March 25th~

I LOVE the Today 4 x 6 card by Loni Stevens. It made a perfect base for my Birthday Chick from Imagine More Cards.

Those are actually leftovers from Hartly’s birthday party favors. I’m recycling!

Week of April 1st~

Yes, my daughter is playing with toilet paper. Don’t all children?

And yes, that is a dinosaur on the block I turn to go to work each day.

Doesn’t everyone give directions to their office by saying, “Turn at the Dinosaur?”

A close up of the bunny~

Week of April 8th~

A close up of the bunny again~

He’s SO cute I didn’t think you would mind.

Okay, I think that’s enough Andrews Family craziness for one day.

Hopefully, I’ll be back with more soon.

July is almost here! Eeek!

Project Life 2012 ~ January 15th through January 28th

So, I decided I HAD to get back to my Project Life before it became a lost cause.

The good news is I filled in the January holes. Yippee!

The bad news is I have to pick up from the last week of March. Holy Cow!

Where has the time gone?

Week of January 15th~

I finally used some of the Loni Stevens Project Life Silhouette cuts I’ve been collecting.

A close up~

Week of January 23rd~

A close up~

Aren’t those cameras adorable?

I’ll be using those A LOT!

I also dug into my growing Washi tape collection to add some color. Love that stuff too!

Okay, I am NOT going to look at the calendar to see just how far behind I am.

I’m just going to assume I having way too much fun and continue on one week at a time.

Wish me luck!

Project Life ~January 29th through February 5th

Still playing catch up! But, it is fun looking back and seeing just where the time has gone.

If you haven’t noticed there is one thing that is very important in our family…. FOOD!
We love to eat. We plan entire trips and weekends around where and what we are going to eat. I think it really shows in this post.

The week of January 29th~

The week of February 5th~

A close up of another of our favorite things~

Snoopy’s Street Fair!!
I can’t tell you excited I was to earn enough coins to buy Patty and her balloon stall. Yippee!!

A close up of my Imagine More Cards Cow~

And now I am hungry! Wonder if I’ll find any shrimp or Krispy Kremes in the kitchen? Doubt it!

Project Life ~ February 12th through March 4th

I’ve decided I REALLY want to catch up on my Project Life. So, I’ve spent the last couple of nights and today working on it. I won’t mention that I’m neglecting a class or two.

My ultimate goal is to be able to recap the week each Sunday, but life gets in the way more often than not. I find I spend way too much time trying to find the perfect pictures and playing with Photoshop. But that’s the fun part, and I’m learning a little something too!

The good news is I’ve completed three more weeks! Yippee!!

The week of February 12th~

Since this week included Valentine’s Day I had to get out my new Simply Jane stamps from Papertrey Ink. I absolutely adore the new version of Pride and Prejudice when Mr. Darcy tells Jane he loves her most ardently. Swoon!

In fact, my hubby and kids will say that to me when they’re in trouble or really want something.

I also used the cute little man from Imagine More Cards. Printed and cut at real size of 2″.

The week of February 19th~

Notice my Photoshop skills? It’s SO much easier when you buy premade templates!!
Thank You CZDesigns and your Tiny Templates!

I added some more of my favorite graphics from Imagine More Cards. Printed and cut at real size of 2″.

The week of February 26th~

I tried a little something different here by using the print and cut feature on my Silhouette.

It worked this time thanks to the ladies over at the Studio Calico Message Board.
They mentioned these little things called Registration Marks.

See those marks on the screen and in the corners of the paper? They are extremely important and tell the machine where to cut the printed images.

And trust me, you do NOT get a perfect cut without them.
Not that I would know from first hand experience.
You believe me, right?

And here they are cut perfectly!

I love it when something works!! YAY!

Now if only I could catch up…

Project Life ~March 4th through March 24th

Since I finished up my Happy Little Moments book, I decided I would concentrate on my Project Life album. I think that once it’s up to date it will be a fun way to review the week on Sundays. But first I have to get all caught up! Eek!

The hardest part for me is choosing the pictures, because I want to include them all. These weeks were extra hard since we have been SO busy, but I finally narrowed down my choices and got busy.

The Week of March 4th- 10th~

I used Graphically Speaking for the number collages cut at a height of 2.81″. The numbers of 13 are from Mickey Fonts cut at a total width of 3″.

I still can’t believe my twins are 13!! Teenagers!!

My pointing finger comes from the Good Old Days cut at 2″.

The Week of March 11-17th~

A close up of my hamburger~

Cut from Fast Food at 2.25″

The Week of March 18-24th~

I printed and stamped a Studio Calico camera stamp directly on vellum.

My shopping bag cut from Celebrations at 2.75″~

I used several journal and photo templates called Splendid Fiins by Nisa Fiin that I purchased from Jessica Sprague.

I think I’m actually making a little progress in Photoshop!! Yippee!!

Wonder if Photoshop can help the fact that four days of the week are spent at either a baseball or softball field? If not, I guess there will be A LOT of sports pictures in our future!

Project Life ~ Week Two

Week Two of Project Life~ I am on a roll now!

As you can see we at the Andrews’s house are very exciting people. Ha! What does it say about us when the highlights of the week are Hartly’s unique way of eating Oreo’s and Ashlyn’s irrational fear of cats? Sigh.

You know all those cute little images you find on your Cricut cuts, but don’t know how or where to use? Well, Project Life is perfect for those.

Here I used the finger with the string tied around it to remember something important from the Imagine More Cartridge. Cut at 2″ real size.

From Kate’s Kitchen the best motto in the world cut at real size 2″.

Since I had to show my new toy, Silhouette, some love, I used it to cut the letters in the word Remember. The font is Frank Ruel at size 144.

I added orange twine to tie around the letter R to mimic the finger.

Now I think I will take that motto and put it to use today!

Project Life ~Week One

So I decided today I was going to put everything else aside and work on my Project Life before I get too far behind. I love the idea of documenting the big and little parts of everyday life. Now if it were just a tad bit easier for me to pick everything out!

A closer view~

I used Robotz to weld together the letters in Yum! Cut at 1.3″

I used Imagine More for the camera cut at 2″

A close up of the other page~

I also used~
EK Success Snoopy stickers, Peanuts Playing Cards, Unity/Simple Stories Stamps and of course my Project Life Clementine Core Kit

Now let’s just hope I can get Week Two done soon!

Project Life ~Title

I have FINALLY started Project Life!! Yippee!!

I first saw this over at and instantly fell in love with the simplicity of it. Of course all the bright, happy colors and graphics attracted me too! You can make it anything you want it to be. So for me, I’m going to use it for ALL those pictures that I want to keep but not dedicate a whole scrapbook page to. I hope to stick to a weekly entry and incorporate multiple products and image cuts. Hopefully, life won’t get in the way of accomplishing this goal. Wish me luck!

My title page~

A close up of the year~

I used the new Cricut Circle cartridge, Letter Envy Font, for the numbers. I’m already loving this cart!

If you’re interested you can check out for Project Life details and products.