December Daily 2016: December 9th~

After having so much fun at the Crewe Christmas Parade Hartly was begging to go to the parade in Blackstone.

Let’s just say most of us were paraded out. 

Luckily it was Holden to the rescue to have a little brother and little sister bonding time.

December 9th~

Wonder if he’d be interested in a little brother and baby sister bonding time around 3 am?


I used~

Simple Stories Snap Album, various October Afternoon Christmas collections, Thickers, Recollections glitter snowflakes

December Daily 2016: December 6th ~ 8th~

This is a rare occurrence at night in the Andrews house ….all the kids together and in the same room.

I HAD to take a picture!!

December 6th~

Usually between homework, baths, bottles and bedtimes everyone is spread throughout the house.

December 7th & 8th~

The next morning Tinsel was found right outside Hartly’s room.

We think he was watching over her since she spent the first night in her bedroom.

Hartly had been sleeping in the baby’s room to help out. Wink, wink.

For the 8th I just had to include the random picture of Christmas tree decorations that I found on my phone.

Of course I went straight to Hartly thinking she had taken the picture.

Apparently someone else took it. 

Any guesses as to who?

My pages together ~

I used~

Simple Stories Snap Album, various October Afternoon Christmas collections, sequins, tags, twine

December Daily 2016: December 5th~

What’s the best way to a young teen’s heart?


That is exactly what Christopher Newport University used last night to tempt and woo my two high school seniors.

December 5th~

Ashlyn and Holden went to CNU’s Dessert Event held at The Jefferson Hotel to meet the President of the school and to learn more about CNU.

A few close-ups ~

They made their Mom happy by posing for lots and lots of pictures.

Yes, that’s an alligator all decked out for Christmas peeking in the bottom of this picture.

Do you know why? They didn’t.

I limited myself to only two pictures for this day,  but I printed all the others.

I plan to include them somehow…maybe tucked in an envelope or even possibly another insert.

I used~

Simple Stories Snap Album, October Afternoon various Christmas collections, Tim Holtz metal numbers

December Daily 2016: December 3rd~

Is there better way to spend your day than with family, friends and too much food?

I think not.

December 3rd~

We celebrated my Dad’s birthday with dinner at Kabuto’s. 

While Hartly was a bit unsure of the cook’s use of fire Whitley absolutely loved it.

The look on her face was priceless.

Of course Tinsel was up to his usual antics~

That elf!

I used~

Simple Stories Snap Album, October Afternoon various Christmas collections, Tags, Thickers and Sequins

December Daily 2016: December 1st & 2nd~

There is nothing quite like the excitement of a small child during the holidays.

Maybe that’s why our children are so spaced out!! He he.

This year’s excitement was increased tenfold by the purchase of both a Star Wars Lego and Disney Tsum Tsum Advent calendars.

Ever since Hartly spied them in early October she’s been anxiously awaiting the first of December to see what surprise each day holds.

Yes, it’s been a long Fall.

As you can imagine on the first Hartly didn’t know what to do first: find Tinsel the Elf, open the Advent calendars or talk to the North Pole on our Communicator.

But Whitley did!

December 1st~



I was greeted by her as I walked in the door from work with cookies all over the floor and one in her hand.

Turns out she loves Oreos.

December 2nd~


Oh Tinsel…how we’ve missed you.

He’s back and up to his silly ways.

Turns out he likes Reese Cups.

He he.

I used~

Simple Stores Snap Album, October Afternoon various Christmas collections, sequins, Thickers

Check That Off My List~

I’ve got my cover ready!!

Woot woot!!

My December Daily 2016 cover~

I’m using a Simple Stories Snap Album, because the page size is just right. Not too big and not too small. 

I especially love how much this little binder holds.

As you can see I used lots and lots of various October Afternoon Christmas collections.

A few close ups~

With time being so limited this year  I won’t be listing all of my supplies, so if you have a question about what I’ve used please ask.

I have also started prepping by picking and trimming paper, grouping the embellishments I want to use and storing them together in the pocket pages.

I’m trying to keep this manageable and doing as much as possible while the baby naps.

Want to see the chaos of my desk?

I know….YIKES!!

You should see the floor!!

I used~

Simple Stories Snap Album, October Afternoon various collections, twine, ribbon, sequins, jingle bells, Thickers and Modge Podge

I’m Making A List.

And checking it twice.

Santa Claus is coming to town.

But first have you missed me?

Life has gotten to be a bit crazy keeping up with a baby, a six year old and two High School Seniors.

Not to mention I’m now working more since my Dad retired in June.

Thanks Dad! Just kidding…he deserves it.

I have been creating and coloring, but not blogging about it.

However…December is just around the corner which means it’s December Daily time.

One of my favorite projects each year.

So, today I’m gathering my supplies and starting the base pages of my album.

Luckily I have a few supplies laying around.

Also I’m printing a 2016 December calendar provided by the fabulous Marie at her blog.

I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep up daily or weekly, but I know I’m going to have fun documenting one of our favorite times of the year.

December Daily 2015: December 23rd – 25th~

As the days get closer to Christmas it’s what we like to call Christmas-palooza!

Days of eating, gift exchanging and being together.

December 23rd~


It all begins with my family.

And of course, Dada Jim has to magically guess what is in his gift.

This year we made it easy on him.

He quickly guessed a basketball to go with the basketball goal he got for his birthday.

However, the second basketball  we gave to Grandma Sally was quite the surprise.

To both of them. He he.

The same day Tinsel planned to defeat Darth Vader and blow up the Death Star by using the Star Wars Lego space crafts built by the kids and Travis.

Hartly wrote him a letter telling him how we’d all miss him.


Our Christmas Eve started with Tinsel reading to many of Hartly’s stuffed animals the story of the birth of Jesus.

See….that elf can behave!

The rest of the day was spent with Travis’ family.

December 24th~


It was an early bedtime for Hartly and me.

She started begging to go to bed around 6 pm, so that Santa could come.

That girl!

I think I managed to hold her off until 8 pm.

And finally….December 25th~


More gifts, food, family and hugs.

Isn’t that the best part?


Since we’ve had crazy warm temperatures and tons of rain this Winter, I wanted to included a bit of snow in my album.

To make my Winter wonderland shaker page I used a mixture of Heidi Swapp Snow and Papertrey Ink Star sequins against an October Afternoon patterned paper.

I placed all the lists, letters to and from Santa and miscellaneous items in the back of the last day.


And finally I created an envelope to hold many of the Christmas cards we received.


I simply can not believe that today is the last day of December.

It flew by.

I guess that means we were having too much fun.

Happy New Year!!

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I used~

October Afternoon Under The Tree Collection, Previous October Afternoon Collections, Heidi Swapp Snow, Papertrey Ink Star Sequins, Wink Of Stella, We R Memory Keepers Fuse

December Daily 2015: December 20th – 22nd~

We’ve been attending a new church recently.

The Big Kids are comfortable there since several of their friends attend; however,  Hartly has been happier sitting with their friends rather than joining in the Children activities.

So, it was quite the surprise when she agreed to be an angel in the annual Christmas pageant.

December 20th~


An even bigger surprise is that Pastor’s wife talked both Ashlyn and Holden into joining in as well.

Especially since Holden told me there was absolutely NO way he was dressing up. He he.

December 21st~


I wanted to include one of Hartly’s holiday masterpieces in my album, so her Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer completes December 21st.

December 22nd~


Today’s newspaper included the letters to Santa from all the local school children.

We had the best time reading all the letters from Hartly’s friends and classmates.

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I used~

October Afternoon Under The Tree Collection, Previous October Afternoon Collections, American Crafts Glitter Hearts and Tags, Wink Of Stella