2013 December Daily December 6th and 7th~

After another dreary, rainy, but exceptionally warm day we spent the evening at our church’s annual Christmas Play.

Nothing says Christmas time in Virginia like a 70 degree day.

But, the music and acting was wonderful.

Especially hubby’s!

December 6th~


Since Holden, Hartly and I sat in the wiggly three-year old’s section of the church, my pictures were mainly of the backs of people’s heads.

So, I chose to include the Eyewitness Christmas logo in my album.

I attached it to an Anna Griffin Christmas card that she gave each of the Cricut Circle Members when we got to meet her at Circle Mania this November.

I love that Santa and all his wonderful layers!

December 4-6th~


On the back of the envelope I created a pocket that holds various tags and several pictures of my new wreathes that I finally got out of the boxes and onto the doors.

December 7th~


And guess what?

Only one ornament needs to be reattached.

Yes, I had a helper. He he.

I used~
Anna Griffin Card, Studio Calico December Daily Kit, Fancy Pants Merry Little Christmas Decorative Tags, Basic Grey Capture Attach Me Stickers

2013 December Daily December 5th~

Okay, I’m going to be totally honest.

I didn’t just get this Costco sized tub of Peppermint Bark today.

My mom gave it to me days ago.

And I’ve been eating it EVERY day.

December 5th~

photo 2

Do you know how tasty and delicious it is?

If not, head straight to the Seven Levels of the Candy Cane Forest and get some. He he.

The moment I saw the Kelly Purkey Santa’s Coming stamp set, I had to have it.

That movie is an Andrews’s Family favorite.

Much like the Peppermint Bark.

I used~
Studio Calico December Daily Kit, October Afternoon Very Merry Kit, Kelly Purkey Santa’s Coming Stamp Set, Elf and Basic Thickers

2013 December Daily December 4th~

Life with a three-year old is never, ever boring.

Today at Nursery School she must have rolled around in the sand pile.

Seriously, she was covered from head to toe.

Instead of waiting till we got home, she decided to go ahead and clean her boots off. Sigh.

When I turned to check on her this is what I saw…

December 4th~


So, I started with “Hartly, why is your boot on your ear?”

She respond, “Because, the sun is in my eyes!”


That makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

At least to her.

Of course, it had to be today’s entry in my December Daily.

I add a bit of embellishment to the outside of the pocket page, so here’s what it looks like all together~


Now I am off to clean out the back of my car.

I used~
Studio Calico December Daily Kit, October Afternoon Very Merry Kit

2013 December Daily December 3rd~

This was not your ordinary Tuesday for us.

There were big happenings all day long.

I’m talking cranes, new equipment deliveries and sinkholes.

But, the biggest was my Dad’s 68th birthday.

December 3rd~


And yes, there was cake! Yum.

Happy Birthday Dad!!

We love you!

Here’s the first three days all together~


I used~
October Afternoon Very Merry Kit

2013 December Daily December 2nd~

Guess what arrived today?

The first of my Black Friday online purchases.

Yes, I’m one of those who doesn’t enjoy shopping with the crowds on the biggest shopping day of the year.

Unless it’s online.

Can you believe that I ordered stuff on Friday afternoon and it was delivered by midday Monday?

I love that!

December 2nd~

2013 Dec 2nd b

And that’s why it’s my picture for today.

Plus, what’s more exciting than getting a package?

Okay, getting two! He he.

I used~
October Afternoon Very Merry Kit

2013 December Daily Title Page & December 1st~

Can you believe it’s December already?

I sure can’t.

But, I am excited that it’s here and I’m ready.

Well, I’m ready in the sense that I’ve started my December Daily.

I haven’t made the first Christmas list yet or bought the first gift. Yikes!

According to the calendar on my title page, I’ve got plenty of days to get the rest done.

My title page~


The calendar is a free printable from Marie at A Stitch In Time, who makes the most wonderful December Daily Albums.

Seriously, make sure you go look.

I added several bits and pieces from the kits that I bought.

December 1st~


All of yesterday was spent with Hartly wanting to go hunting with her Daddy.

And I mean ALL of yesterday.

Currently her big sister is hiding in her bedroom to keep from being hunted as a heffalump or wuzzle.

I think she got jumped, poked and prodded one too many times.

So this morning Hartly, Holden and Travis set off into the woods to go hunting.

They caught sticks.

The journaling~


And yes, it’s already been taken away.

I used~
Studio Calico December Daily Kit, October Afternoon Very Merry Kit, DCWV Gems
Counting Down The Days Calendar created by Marie from A Stich In Time

If you have any questions about what I’ve used, please ask.

Hello Holly Jolly December~

It’s almost that time.

In fact, I just had three kids pressuring me to start decorating the house for Christmas.

Since this is the first Friday after Thanksgiving that I’ve had off in forever, I think claiming it was a Free Day might buy me some time.

Or at least until after nap time.

But, I have managed to decorate the cover of this year’s December Daily album.

My cover~


I will tell you that the inspiration for my cover came from this fabulous pin by Lisa who was lucky enough to have the chipboard Santa.

A few close ups~


I love how it looks like Santa is throwing up holiday cheer and magic.


My album is from the Studio Calico December Daily Kit, but most everything else is from the various October Afternoon Santa Sacks that little elves keep delivering to my house. He he.

Do you think the kids will buy that I am decorating if I tell them I’m working on my foundation pages?

Hmmm….me either.

I used~
Studio Calico December Daily Kit Contents: American Crafts Album, Ribbon
October Afternoon Very Merry Kit Contents: Journal Cards, Flair and Paper
American Crafts Twine, Studio Calico Sequins and Bells