December Daily ~December 11th

White Chocolate Peppermint M&M’s.

Have you tried these yet?

If you haven’t, you might not want to.

They are wonderful!!

And I am on my second bag of them already.


Since last night’s meal was so bad, I thought these were the perfect way to highlight today.

Between the peppermint and the holiday music the electricians have playing it’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.

I used~
Studio Calico December Daily kit

December Daily ~December 10th

Ever have one of THOSE meals.

You know the kind that just doesn’t start right and goes downhill quickly.

The kind where what you had planned on serving ends up in the garbage can.

Yes, that’s what happened tonight in the Andrews’ household.

The fact that Holden ate six pieces of bread should be a clue that things went horribly wrong.

But, the best part was when Hartly generously gave her plate to the metal snowman.


I guess she figured his iron stomach could handle it.

Dinner might not have turned out the way I had planned, but we all enjoyed a good laugh over it.

I used~
Studio Calico December Daily Kit

December Daily ~December 8th & 9th

This Saturday was our Stay At Home Day.

Yippee!! I love Stay At Home Days.

With the days so full of holiday bustle it’s nice to have a day where you don’t even have to get dressed.

And the kids found time to Facetime their Grandparents.

December 8th~


Of course, the one who really wanted to talk to Grandma kept her hands over her eyes almost the whole time.

Silly girl.

Sunday morning was spent at Sunday School and with us staying for Big Church.

December 9th~


Hartly was only in the service for a few minutes, since she had a Christmas party in Mission Friends to attend.

But, she was so cute passing out hymnals and Bibles that I had to take a picture.

And that is what I call a great weekend.

I used~
Studio Calico December Daily Kit
October Afternoon Make It Merry Kit

December Daily ~December 7th

Every year we pick an Angel or two or three off the Angel tree at church.

And last night while I got the fun chore of shopping for the basic necessities like toothpaste, shampoo and laundry detergent, Travis and the kids had fun picking out toys, clothes and candy.


Hmm…their cart looks a lot more fun than mine.

I used~
Studio Calico December Daily Kit
October Afternoon Holiday Style Miscellany
Studio Calico let your heart be light Stamp

December Daily ~December 5th & 6th

Travis and I had a date night!



It was a “working” date night, since my UPS Freight Representative took us out to dinner.

But, it was an enjoyable meal where no one constantly jumped up from their seat, climbed under the table or used my sleeve as a napkin.

Good times!

For Thursday I could not pass up the look Hartly gave me when I caught her sneaking a banana right before dinner.


She kept steadily shoving the banana in her mouth as I tried to explain she couldn’t have it.

And my lecture certainly paid off since she just walked in here with an apple.

This child!

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Studio Calico December Daily Kit
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December Daily ~December 4

This has to be the best December weather day ever.

So, it was the perfect time to take all the holiday tubs back out to storage.

And guess who wanted to help?

Nope, not the two teens who claimed to be too busy with homework.

But, the littlest.


She looked so cute carrying the wreath tubs.

I did draw the line at her carrying the tubs with the leftover ornaments.

That would have been a disaster!

I added a Whisker Graphic bag from the Studio Calico December Daily kit to tuck my journaling card in.


And it holds my wish that this helpful stage lasts or at least rubs off on the other two.

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Studio Calico December Daily Kit
October Afternoon Christmas Stamps
Elle’s Studio Vintage Christmas Flashcards

December Daily ~December 3rd

Today is my Dad’s birthday.

Happy Birthday Dad!!

Of course, this means it’s party time.

Or at least dinner out with the family.


And that to me is one of the joys of December.

Spending time with family.

Even if trying to get a picture of everybody with their shirts down is a chore.

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Studio Calico December Daily Kit
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Ali Edward Hello Christmas Brushes