December Daily ~December 26th – December 31st

I decided it was finally time to finish off my December Daily, so I printed my pictures last night and got busy.

The end of our December was not the most exciting, since the cold bug hit us hard.

In fact, I think I could have filled the week with pictures of tissues, thermometers and Mucinex.

But, what fun would that be?

Instead I chose the little and some big things that really stood out for me.

December 26th~

Getting yummy cookies in the mail from a great friend.

December 27th~

Finally getting to see my new doors and windows in place.

December 28th~

Watching Hartly and Ashlyn make cake pops.

December 29th~

Finding Hartly busy entertaining herself with one of my scrapbooks.

December 30th~

A family photo session.

December 31st~

And finally feeling well enough for us to get out of the house. Yippee!

Cover page~

I added a cover page using the clear sheets from the album and clustered several of the Studio Calico 25 Days class printables together.

And with that I am done. Yay!

There is nothing like the feeling of completing a project.

I used~
Studio Calico December Daily Kit
Elle’s Studio Tags

December Daily ~December 24th & 25th

It’s hard to believe that Christmas has come and gone already.

At least it is until I try to walk through the family room.


It’s a mess with toys and presents everywhere.

And it all started with Christmas Eve spent with the Andrews’ side of the family.

December 24th~

Of course, Santa had a little bit to do with it too.

One of my favorite Christmas morning traditions is making the kids wait on the steps while I get pictures of them.

I know they’re dying to know if Santa came and what he might have brought them.

December 25th~


Our Christmas didn’t go exactly as planned since Hartly ended up not feeling well.

But, we did enjoy a quiet day at home filled with presents, food and being together.

And lots of tissues.

I used~
Studio Calico December Daily Kit

December Daily ~December 19th – 23rd

This week has been a whirlwind to say the least.

Nothing like trying to get some last minute shopping done with three 13 year olds and a two year old.

But, we got everything checked off our list.

December 19th~


And we were in time for our turn at the live nativity.


When I returned to work on Thursday someone had delivered the biggest, most beautiful poinsettia I have ever seen.

December 20th~


Friday brought a yummy and special treat from a friend, so I just had to included the tag in my album.

December 21st~


Saturday was spent wrapping gifts.

I didn’t think I would ever finish.

December 22nd~


Sunday started Christmas-palooza for us.

December 23rd~


And boy, was it fun!

Good food, time spent with family and presents.

What could be better?

I used~
Studio Calico December Daily Kit

December Daily ~December 16th, 17th and 18th

My Mom’s birthday was Sunday, so that means Party Time!!


Actually, it meant lunch together at PF Chang. Yum!

December 16th~


Unfortunately, Monday brought a mild panic attack since the only presents wrapped and under the tree were put there by Ashlyn.

December 17th~


I keep rationalizing that if I wrap them Hartly will just unwrap them.

I wonder how much longer I can get by with that.

December 18th~


The kids are out of school for the holidays.


Guess I’d better get those gifts wrapped?!

I used~
Studio Calico December Daily Kit
Elle’s Studio Be Merry Large Journaling Tags and Be Merry Note Tags

December Daily ~December 15th

It’s time to get all these books, toys and gifts out of here on the way to the children anxiously awaiting them.

The only problem…finding the right size boxes to ship them in.


And of course, my helper.

She’s unpacking quicker than I can pack them.


Maybe this is a job that should wait until nap time.

I used~
Studio Calico December Daily Kit

December Daily ~December 13th & 14th

Have you heard of the store Five Below?

Ashlyn has been talking about it over for two weeks.

After hearing about it from a friend she did her research, made her list and begged us to take her.

Actually, her father and Hartly took her since she was Christmas shopping for Holden and me.

But, I did take a quick picture.

December 13th~


December 14th~


We’re not only counting down to Christmas in our house, but we’re also counting down the days until our remodeling is complete.

Yesterday I came home to find my garage doors gone.

Pretty exciting!!

Of course it would have been a bit more exciting if the windows had been installed, but I know that will happen soon enough.

I used~
Studio Calico December Daily Kit
Carta Bella Merry & Bright Chipboard Accents, October Afternoon Midway Letter Stickers, Papertrey Ink Twine

December Daily ~December 12th

Today was the big day!

The day I could finally open my box from my Secret Stocking Stuffer Swap.


That box has been teasing me for weeks.

But, it was well worth the wait.

That’s why it’s my topic for today.


I used my photo as a pocket to hold my journaling card.


Helen aka HTBCreations did a fabulous job picking out just the right goodies for me.

Thank You Helen!!

I used~
Studio Calico December Daily Kit
Elle’s Studio Vintage Christmas Flashcards

December Daily ~December 11th

White Chocolate Peppermint M&M’s.

Have you tried these yet?

If you haven’t, you might not want to.

They are wonderful!!

And I am on my second bag of them already.


Since last night’s meal was so bad, I thought these were the perfect way to highlight today.

Between the peppermint and the holiday music the electricians have playing it’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.

I used~
Studio Calico December Daily kit

December Daily ~December 10th

Ever have one of THOSE meals.

You know the kind that just doesn’t start right and goes downhill quickly.

The kind where what you had planned on serving ends up in the garbage can.

Yes, that’s what happened tonight in the Andrews’ household.

The fact that Holden ate six pieces of bread should be a clue that things went horribly wrong.

But, the best part was when Hartly generously gave her plate to the metal snowman.


I guess she figured his iron stomach could handle it.

Dinner might not have turned out the way I had planned, but we all enjoyed a good laugh over it.

I used~
Studio Calico December Daily Kit

December Daily ~December 8th & 9th

This Saturday was our Stay At Home Day.

Yippee!! I love Stay At Home Days.

With the days so full of holiday bustle it’s nice to have a day where you don’t even have to get dressed.

And the kids found time to Facetime their Grandparents.

December 8th~


Of course, the one who really wanted to talk to Grandma kept her hands over her eyes almost the whole time.

Silly girl.

Sunday morning was spent at Sunday School and with us staying for Big Church.

December 9th~


Hartly was only in the service for a few minutes, since she had a Christmas party in Mission Friends to attend.

But, she was so cute passing out hymnals and Bibles that I had to take a picture.

And that is what I call a great weekend.

I used~
Studio Calico December Daily Kit
October Afternoon Make It Merry Kit