December Daily 2011 ~Week Five

Finally, the last week or actually days of my Decbemer Daily! Boy, I will be glad to move onto another season or holiday.

Day 29~

Day 30~

Have you noticed the lack of snow pictures? This has been a CRAZY winter. Who would have thought we could go outside and play with only a light jacket on during the final days of December?

Day 31~

Back Page~

I LOVE this Tim Holtz stamp SO much I had to use it twice!

Back Inside Pocket page~

Cover showing the spine~

And with that I am packing up ALL the Christmas paper, embellishments and stamps for a little while. Or at least until I order more pages for my mini album, since it was short six pages. Who does that? Didn’t they know there were 31 days in December?

Who knows what I’ll add when I actually have to put it all back together again! But, I think I will attempt this again this year just without the family vacation. I hope you enjoyed it. I did!

December Daily 2011 ~Week Four

Week Four of my December Daily gets to the best part of December ~Christmas and Family! Bet you thought I was going to say presents, time off or maybe even the food as those are pretty great too.

Day 22~

Do you notice that a certain little one is finally wearing a Mousey shirt rather than an Elmo one on the very last day?

Day 23~

Day 24~

Day 25~

Day 26~

Day 27~

Yes, I have a burned hot dog in my December Daily. Doesn’t everyone?

Day 28~

Doing a December Daily gave me the motivation to take more pictures of not only the important things, but also the trivial things that happen everyday that you want to remember. Like a burned hot dog or a messy floor. Okay, maybe not the messy floor as it seems I see that everyday. It also taught me to hand off my camera so that there would be actual physical proof that I was there. I’m IN the family pictures! YAY!

December Daily 2011 ~Week Three

Week Three of my December Daily is filled with magical Disney goodness! We LOVE Disney especially at Christmas.

Day 15~

Day 16~

Day 17~

I think this is one of my favorite pages. I love how the pages flow together even though the topics are so different or it could just be the bright, shiney glitter!

Day 18~

Day 19~

Day 20~

Day 21~

I was trying to be practical and took my son’s smaller camera to Disney instead of my larger Nikon DSLR. I don’t think it took very good photos or maybe I wasn’t using the right settings. Anyway, I guess we have to go back and do it all again. Think the hubby will go for that? Or my boss?

December Daily 2011 ~Week Two

On to Week Two of my December Daily album.

This week was filled with the hustle and bustle of getting ready for the holidays and packing a family of five into as few suitcases as possible. Fun times!

Day 8~

Day 9~

Day 10~

Of course, there is always time to stop and enjoy the good things in life like cake. Yummy!

Day 11~

For this day I did have pictures of a family event, but the highlight of this day for me was my twins deciding to accept Jesus into their hearts and going before the church to ask to be baptized. So no pictures for this day, just the dreaded journaling! Eeek! But, it’s important for them to know how and what I felt. Yikes, I’m still getting teary!

Day 12~

Day 13~

Day 14~

And with that we are off to Disney World! Here we come Mickey!

December Daily 2011 ~Week One

I DID IT!! But let’s start at the beginning~

I am a scrapbook kit addict. I love getting those packages with all the coordinating products. Products I can’t find locally or at the big chain stores. Really, is there anything better than opening a box filled with beautiful paper, matching buttons, bling, ribbon and stamps?

So when Studio Calico offered a special December Daily album kit hosted by Ali Edwards, I was in Heaven. While visions of completed holiday pages danced in my head, I totally forgot that I would be packing up the family and heading to Disney World for a week. And doing the shopping for the entire extended family for me and my sister. You’re welcome Amy! And celebrating not only the holidays, but also two birthdays.

So, it should come as NO surprise that on March 1st, 2012 I finally finished my December Daily Album!! Yippee!!

Week One~

Calendar page~

Aren’t these calendar pages adorable? Love them!

Day One~

Day Two~

Day Three~

Day Four~

Day Five~

Day Six~

Day Seven~

To make this a little more managable I’m going to break it up by weeks. I’m not going to list all the products or Cricut cuts used, but if you have a question, let me know and I will be happy to answer it for you.