House Hunters ~Scrapbook Edition

It’s time to admit the truth…

I outgrew my study.

And I might have kicked my hubby out of the garage. He he.

I now have a brand new studio.

Since I LOVE watching House Hunters and basically any home improvement show, I thought I would share it with you.

My new studio~




The best part is I now have space.

And lots of it.

My die cutters, sewing machine and computer now have a separate space away from my desk and work area.

This gives me plenty of room to spread out.


Plus I now have a lot of storage.

Especially in my Crafter’s Table from Pottery Barn~



I love the fact that now I can stand up create as well.

Or steal a barstool from the kitchen.

And just in case you were wondering, this is where the family always seems to be now.


There are still kits and piles to put away and changes to be made, but I am loving it.

My former room~ Step into my Study~

I’m just a girl who loves her family, scrap booking with all it’s paper and goodies and getting packages in the mail. I try to hang out in my study as much as possible, but I generally have a helper or two that makes it difficult to use all those packages.

Since I LOVE seeing other’s craft rooms, I thought I would share mine. I warn you it’s filled to the brim and I’m NOT the neatest person in the world!

My room~

I can’t say I LOVE this room enough. It houses everything from my scrapbooking goodies to my beloved books and Buffy comics to my DVR. Love, love, love!

My desk~

This is the only view in which you can’t see my mess!

My bookcase filled with all sorts of buttons, brads, ribbon, cartridges, paper and projects~

The bottom drawers hold paper, vinyl and extra tools. And it’s possible that if you peeked on top and underneath this piece of furniture you’d find more paper.

My kist and papers sorted by brand and Cricut cartridges~

Yes, I am one of those who has to keep brands together. I can not sort by color and I’m not sure what this says about me.

My Epson R2000 large format printer~

I love this printer!!

And yes, that’s more paper beside it. What can I say, it makes me happy!

11 thoughts on “House Hunters ~Scrapbook Edition

  1. Your new studio looks FABULOUS! It must be like a great lifted weight to have all that emptiness! So nice and airy! I am POSITIVE, however, that it will not take you very long to start filling some of that empty space. Enjoy it!

  2. Scoot over…I’m on my way!!!! You just need to hope that your Dear Children (all 3 of ’em!) haven’t learned from their Dear Momma the art of “taking over” : O ! It’s an absolutely FANTABULOUS space & no one deserves it more that you…except maybe ME ; ) !! Now go make a Big Kids Mess & make something purdy!

  3. Ditto! What a lovely and glorious space. It is so wonderful to see you with a space to grow into (with the kids too)! Enjoy all of the light! Can’t wait to see the amazing projects to follow. Congratulations!

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