December Daily 2016: December 6th ~ 8th~

This is a rare occurrence at night in the Andrews house ….all the kids together and in the same room.

I HAD to take a picture!!

December 6th~

Usually between homework, baths, bottles and bedtimes everyone is spread throughout the house.

December 7th & 8th~

The next morning Tinsel was found right outside Hartly’s room.

We think he was watching over her since she spent the first night in her bedroom.

Hartly had been sleeping in the baby’s room to help out. Wink, wink.

For the 8th I just had to include the random picture of Christmas tree decorations that I found on my phone.

Of course I went straight to Hartly thinking she had taken the picture.

Apparently someone else took it. 

Any guesses as to who?

My pages together ~

I used~

Simple Stories Snap Album, various October Afternoon Christmas collections, sequins, tags, twine

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