Excuse Me…

This is Hartly.

It seems my Mommy has been quite busy lately with other less fun things like work, trying to keep up with me and those pesky teens and getting all her Fitbit steps in.

And since she left her new Mama Elephant Three Amigos stamped images just laying on her desk…


He he.

I colored them.

I mean, I needed to make a Thank You Card anyway.

My card~


I even used some of my own Disney Princess Stamps.

I added some extra letters just because I thought they’d look awesome.

And want to know what else I did?

I decorated the back of the card too!


Personally, I think all cards should have a decorated front and back.

My handwritten sentiment~


And since I thought it just needed a little something~


I drew Olaf!!

Because it’s snowing.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my post today.

I had lots of fun taking over my Mommy’s desk, supplies and iPhone.

Now I’ve got to run as I have to hide her ATG!!!

Hartly used~

Mama Elephant Three Amigos Stamps and Dies, TC Cut ‘n Boss (Actually, Mommy did that part.)
October Afternoon Sidewalks Paper
Crayola Crayons

9 thoughts on “Excuse Me…

  1. Best Guest Designer EVER!!!!!

    You should probably make sure that your glitter & sequins are out of reach; otherwise, a room makeover is likely in your future : D

  2. still giggling…..wonder how worried you should be about that one. 🙂 We’ll find out when things begin to disappear. Cute post!

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