Then & Now~

My how the times have changed.

That is exactly what went through my mind when I first laid eyes on the new October Afternoon Saturday Mornings collection.

Seriously, this could be me~

Then & Now Girl

Except it would have to be me at my Mema’s house.

Her house was where we got to watch the cool cartoons on Saturday mornings when we visited.

She got ABC which had the Super Friends, Captain Caveman, School House Rock and many others that we couldn’t get at home.

I wish you could have seen the look of utter confusion on my children’s faces when I tried to explain this to them.

These kids have grown up with hundreds of channels, DVD’s and downloads at their finger tips and one of the greatest inventions ever…the remote.

My layout~

Then & Now

So, how could they possibly understand? He he.

A close-up~


I think the second greatest invention just might be the car DVD system.

Especially when I get to ride in back with them.

In case you were wondering, I am a TV-holic and am happily raising my children to be TV-holics too.

This could be us~

Then & Now family

Guess I’d should be responsible and make sure they’re doing something other than watching TV like reading….even if it’s the TV Guide. Ha!

I used~

October Afternoon Saturday Mornings Omelette and Orange Juice Paper, Border & Labels, Flair
Woodland Park 8×8 Paper Pad, Little Flyers, Sequins, Ranger Kraft Tag, Kraft Paper, Leaf Thickers, Dear Lizzy Date Stamp

3 thoughts on “Then & Now~

  1. I hadn’t seen this collection yet, but it’s pretty cool. Great nostalgic layout too. I remember coming home from school and flopping on the floor in front of the TV to watch 3 Stooges and Dark Shadows. Of course, we were latchkey kids and I don’t think my parents ever knew we watched either of them, because, after all, we worked on homework between the time we got home and they arrived after work. right??

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