And Then Something Cool Happened~

It’s hard to believe that the kids and hubby have been out of school for over a month.

And Hartly even longer.

But, what’s harder to believe is that school starts again in less than a month.


My layout~


My picture is of Hartly and her friends during their year-end class picnic.

I used Sketch 3 from Kelly Purkey’s Sketchbook Class.

A close-up~


In case you were wondering something cool did happen after I took this picture.

All the mom’s had a hula hoop contest.

Okay, maybe funny would be the more appropriate description. He he.

I used~

Studio Calico Kit Contents: Kesi’art Oh Boy Paper, October Afternoon Guide Book and Subway Token Paper, Label Stickers, Junebug Thickers, Pebbles ABC’s, Tag, Studio Calico Speech Bubble Stickers and Kelly Purkey Stamps

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