Guess Who’s Coming For Dinner?

Now whether it’s to eat or be eaten….

Shocking, I know.

I was asked to join in a year-long recipe swap with a group of extremely talented ladies from the Cricut Circle Message Board.

We’re making a recipe for each season, so for my Winter recipe I thought soup would be in order.

Firebird’s Chicken Tortilla Soup~


I used Kate’s Kitchen to print and cut my wallpaper and floor background and also my stove.

I printed additional patterns to use for my chicken from Noah’s ABC.

The recipe~


Now if I’m being honest, I’ve never made this myself.

But, I have enjoyed it many times while dining at Firebird’s. He he.

I also enjoyed the nine other recipe cards I received in turn.

And do you know not a single one of the ladies pointed out that I misspelled the word cheese right smack dab on the front on my recipe card?

Aren’t they sweet?

I used~

Kate’s Kitchen for all the Printed Paper, Background and Stove image
Noah’s ABC for the Chicken
Kraft Paper, DCWV Gems
Cricut Imagine and Cricut Mini

5 thoughts on “Guess Who’s Coming For Dinner?

  1. I wouldn’t have mentioned the missing ‘e’ either Sara. 🙂 Of course, much like distress and stains, you could say you did it on purpose for effect. lol. Anyway, it’s really cute!

  2. Love your recipe card! And the recipe sounds good too! You can make it for me next time I’m in town. 🙂

    (And I didn’t even notice the misspelling of cheese.) 😀

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