Spreading A Little Christmas Cheer~

Have I mention I got a Button Machine?

Let me tell you I love it.

It’s not just me, but the kids as well.

Last Saturday while it poured outside, Hartly and I had the best time making flair buttons.

And boy, did we make buttons!

Every time I thought we were done, I’d hear “Let’s do it again Mommy!”

So, we did.

My Santas~


His reindeer~


We had so much fun that we decided it was best to spread a little Christmas cheer to our friends.

Or at least our friends whose addresses we had.

I made a simple vintage postcard using some printables found on Pinterest to accompany them.

Now what should we make next?

There’s rain in this weekend’s forecast too.

I used~
White Cardstock to print the Vintage Deer and Santa
Silhouette Images for the Flair made with my American Button Machine:
Santa, Finnely Patterned Deer, Santa, Santa’s Coming, Reindeer Merry & Bright

12 thoughts on “Spreading A Little Christmas Cheer~

  1. It sounds as if you had a great time.
    We used to make buttons for fundraisers but I have not thought about it for years.
    I may have to think about what happened to the button maker!

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