2013 December Daily December 11th~


That about sums it up.

“I’ve got a SURPRISE for you Mommy!” was the first thing Hartly said to me this afternoon when I picked her up from Nursery School.

But, I had to wait till we got home and ate lunch before I could see it.

December 11~


She had made me a cookie.

“It even sparkles Mommy!” she said with so much excitement.

My journaling~


How could you not love a cookie that sparkles?

I love this child.

I used~
Bingo Card, Tim Holtz Bingo Piece, October Afternoon Very Merry Kit, K&Co Date Stamp

6 thoughts on “2013 December Daily December 11th~

  1. I just love your posts….you manage to capture the magic feeling that is being a mom. Brings back lots of memories of the “little” days.

  2. See she pays attention to how her mommy is always covered in glitter so she knows that you love sparkles! (: I can see how it would be the best cookie ever!

  3. I love this child too!!! I love, love, love that she had a surprise for you…but made you wait till after lunch for her to give it to you : ) ! And, who among us wouldn’t totally melt for a cookie that sparkles, specially made for us by our own precious Baby?!!!!!

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