2013 December Daily December 4th~

Life with a three-year old is never, ever boring.

Today at Nursery School she must have rolled around in the sand pile.

Seriously, she was covered from head to toe.

Instead of waiting till we got home, she decided to go ahead and clean her boots off. Sigh.

When I turned to check on her this is what I saw…

December 4th~


So, I started with “Hartly, why is your boot on your ear?”

She respond, “Because, the sun is in my eyes!”


That makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

At least to her.

Of course, it had to be today’s entry in my December Daily.

I add a bit of embellishment to the outside of the pocket page, so here’s what it looks like all together~


Now I am off to clean out the back of my car.

I used~
Studio Calico December Daily Kit, October Afternoon Very Merry Kit

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