This Little Piggy Went To Mania~

Just to meet you.

This past weekend I headed to Alpharetta, GA to attend Cricut Circle Mania III.

It was a weekend of scrapbooking, shopping and time spent with friends.

Part of the excitement is exchanging Calling Cards with the other ladies.

And if you remember the Pig versus Teddy Bear Debate of 2013 you know how my calling card came to be.

My calling cards~


Yes, about 60 little pigs made the trip with me to Mania.

And no, I don’t like making that many of anything.

In fact, I had a bit of help assembling my cards.

Can you tell?

A close up~


Hartly helped me with a few. He he.

If you’d like to see more of the calling cards given and collected, Danita has many of them posted on her blog.

And remember how I said my pigs weren’t unexpected?

A gift from Anne Henderson~


Isn’t this piggy charger plate adorable?

I love it!

Thanks Anne!

Now this little piggy needs to unpack.

I used~
Cricut Charmed for the Pig
Cricut Craft Room Basics for the Circle
Various October Afternoon papers

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