Today Has Been Canceled Go Back To Bed~

I will be the first to admit that when I first saw DCWV’s The Linen Closet Stack I was impressed by the colors, patterns and most of all those awesome hexagons.

But, then as I looked closer I began to giggle as I read some of the phrases found on the text papers.

I just had to use the “Today Has Been Canceled” phrase and I knew the exact picture to use with it.

My layout~


This picture of Hartly taken while in the hospital should have been our first clue of what a character she would be.

That little hand says it all.

I guess I should admit that she was a perfect baby that slept and ate right on schedule. Sigh!

Those were the days.

I used~
DCWV The Linen Closet Stack

Linen Closet

My Mind’s Eye Fun Day Brads, Seam Binding Ribbon, American Crafts Twine, Stick Pins

4 thoughts on “Today Has Been Canceled Go Back To Bed~

  1. This layout is so cute! The picture of Harley is just adorable! I giggled when I saw her little hat and her hand up, so precious! That paper is very cool, too!

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