Watch Out Walls!

Me and my new best friend, Modge Podge, have learned to work together and make canvas prints! Yippee!!

As many of you know I tend to be heavy handed with any type of liquid glue and go to great lengths to avoid using it.

But when I saw this pin by Stef at on Pinterest, I knew it was time to give it a try.

I started by using black acrylic paint to cover the edges of an 8 x 10 canvas panel.


While my paint dried I trimmed a photo of Holden that I printed at home on glossy photo paper to fit inside the painted area.

I then applied a thin coat of Modge Podge to adhere the picture to the canvas.


Once that dried I coated the top and edges thoroughly.


This step gives the photo a textured look.

I also used a Jenni Bowlin Paint Dabber to blend the edges.


A close up to see the texture~


And of course, I couldn’t just do a picture of Holden.





Now that I’ve learned how to do this, I’m eyeing my walls and making plans.

Hmmm…I wonder if I can talk the hubby into a trip to the craft store for more canvases?

I used~
8×10 Canvas Panels, Matte Modge Podge, Jenni Bowlin Paint Dabber, Acrylic Paint

To see the blog post by Stef at Girl. Inspired. click here.

7 thoughts on “Watch Out Walls!

  1. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! OK, now I’ve got some questions for ya’…you see, I’ve had these canvases on hand for awhile now (insert rolling eyes here!) & have been unsure of what to do with them & afraid to try anything…so, in “Step 3”, did you apply a thin coat of Mod Podge to the back of the pic of Holden, OR to the canvas itself?? I don’t know if it even matters, but, since you’re now our reigning “mixed media Queen”, ya’ gotta help us newbies out : ) ! Any other pointers/tips you can share with us to help us look as talented as you????!!

    • Okay, here’s the scoop…

      Use photo paper and not cardstock. Others had success with cardstock, but I tried it and did NOT like it. That one ended up in the trash.

      I applied the Modge Podge to the canvas and not the photo. I think you want to keep it as dry as possible until you finally seal it with the top coat. Make sense?

      I wish my canvas had an edge to decorate with either paint, washi or heavy scrapbooking paper, but I also used what I had on hand. The next ones will!!

      Let me know if you do it!!

  2. Oh, wait a minute, I’ve got another question! Have you tried this with anything besides a photo on glossy photo paper??? Do you think it would work the same?? Hurry up & try it out for us…we can wait a few minutes : P !

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