Life With You~

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I’ve completed another Circleville NSD Online Challenge! Yippee!

This one called On Pins and hosted by Sis from is all about creating a project based off one of your favorite Pinterest pins.

I chose the fabulous Hello Silly layout by Nancy Damiano.

My pin can be found here.

My layout~


I stayed pretty true to her layout.

With that sunburst of paper why change anything?

I did use brads in place of her flair, but it’s what I had to work with.

And I think they work.

Yes, life with these kids is certainly a carnival.

But, totally worth it.

I used~
October Afternoon Midway Collection, KI Flashbacks Blackboard Paper, Sketchbook Thickers

4 thoughts on “Life With You~

  1. Surely you’re not insinuating that someone had a particular flair that YOU didn’t have : O …say it aint so!!! This is a super-duper, AWESOME layout!

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