A Heart Filled With~

anything you can imagine.

These vertical heart boxes are perfect for any occasion, but especially for the holiday that is right around the corner, Valentine’s Day.

My treat boxes~


These showed up in the Silhouette online store last week and I quickly added them to my cart.

However, I was a bit worried they would be difficult to actually make.

Anyone remember the hamburger box? Yikes!

That only got assembled with the help of Sis, who provided me with a step by step diagram. Thanks Sis!

But, these were a dream to quickly fold and tape.

A close up~


The paper is from DCWV’s The Black Currant Stack and is the perfect weight for this type of project.

It’s beautiful, sturdy, yet it’s still easy to fold.

Now all I need to do is decide what to put inside.

Hmmm… I’m thinking candy.

I used~
DCWV The Black Currant Stack
American Crafts Premium Ribbon, Martha Stewart Glitter
Vertical Heart Box by Megan Hardy cut at 10.87″ and 8.755″ wide
Decorative Circles by Karla Dudley cut at 4.325″ wide
American Crafts Love Box cut at 5.92″ wide

4 thoughts on “A Heart Filled With~

  1. I think they are gorgeous! Love your paper selection, and you are right, the weight of the DCWV paper is the perfect for these types of paper.

    I am sure you would have figured out the hamburger box, and I know who to call about these…

    Great job!!!

  2. Very cute! I am glad this one was easier to assemble! I try to stick to the ones that look easy or Lori Whitlock’s because she always posts a video!

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