December Daily ~December 10th

Ever have one of THOSE meals.

You know the kind that just doesn’t start right and goes downhill quickly.

The kind where what you had planned on serving ends up in the garbage can.

Yes, that’s what happened tonight in the Andrews’ household.

The fact that Holden ate six pieces of bread should be a clue that things went horribly wrong.

But, the best part was when Hartly generously gave her plate to the metal snowman.


I guess she figured his iron stomach could handle it.

Dinner might not have turned out the way I had planned, but we all enjoyed a good laugh over it.

I used~
Studio Calico December Daily Kit

7 thoughts on “December Daily ~December 10th

    • I tried to make Dream Dinners Yakatori Chicken, but there was something horribly wrong with it!! Yucky!

      Then my rice did not survive the wait of Travis grilling chicken and steaks. Mushy!

      And there might or might not have been a tiny bit of mold on the rolls I used.

      I guess I won’t be winning Homemaker of the Year award!!

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