December Daily ~December 5th & 6th

Travis and I had a date night!



It was a “working” date night, since my UPS Freight Representative took us out to dinner.

But, it was an enjoyable meal where no one constantly jumped up from their seat, climbed under the table or used my sleeve as a napkin.

Good times!

For Thursday I could not pass up the look Hartly gave me when I caught her sneaking a banana right before dinner.


She kept steadily shoving the banana in her mouth as I tried to explain she couldn’t have it.

And my lecture certainly paid off since she just walked in here with an apple.

This child!

I used~
Studio Calico December Daily Kit
Elle’s Studio Be Merry Note Tags

7 thoughts on “December Daily ~December 5th & 6th

  1. date night – YIPPIEE! and that cutie patootie again, thanks for all the inspiration. I actually took a picture of the train coming into the station yesterday before boarding to go to work for my DD. Good Times I tell ya LOL!!

  2. Ohhhhhh, I know I have to be careful what I wish for, BUT, I so wish I could be around this LM every day!!!!! Maybe I could be one of her “favorite Aunts”, I can swoop in & enjoy her cute & funny antics…& then leave when she starts having her next meltdown ; ) !!!! Love the pic for your date night page!!

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