A Fall Friend Waving Hello~

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Okay, if you’ve been on Pinterest lately I know you’ve seen this adorable guy, Pumpkin Snowman.

And if you’re anything like me you HAVE to have one of your very own!

My original plan was to use real pumpkins; however, since it’s so early in the season I was worried about them not lasting until Halloween.

So, I bought Funkins.

Yes, that is they’re real name.

I let Ashlyn pick her favorite jack-o-lantern face from the Cricut Pumpkin Carving cartridge.

I used black outdoor vinyl and cut the image at 6″.

I used Medium Pressure and a blade setting of 4 to cut the vinyl.

As you can see it cut completely through the backing, but for this project it really didn’t matter.

I simply laid the pieces on my laptop, placed the transfer tape over top and rubbed until I was able to get the vinyl off the backing and on to the tape.

Here are the pieces ready to be placed on my Funkin. Opps! I mean pumpkin.

Once you have the image where you want it, simply rub the image until it completely and firmly sticks to the surface.

Unfortunately pumpkins and Funkins are not smooth, so keep this in mind when picking the spot for your vinyl.

You might have areas that will need to be occasionally touched up or might even need a bit of glue.

I gathered a few extra manly tools to help me assemble my pumpkin snowman.

Don’t worry I only used these for the metal rod running through the pumpkins to keep them all in place.

I added stick arms, a decorated straw hat and a leaf scarf to make him ready for Fall.

A close up~

A little extra friend~

He now sits and greets us with a friendly wave as we come and go.

Leave a comment here today and on yesterday’s post for a chance to win the new Circut Create a Critter 2 cartridge. This give-a-way is closed.

A winner will be announced on Wednesday, October 10th. Good Luck!

Thanks for hopping by and be sure to stop by Michele’s blog next.

I used~
Pumpkin Carving, Noah’s ABC Animals
Black vinyl, Transfer Tape, Various Fall Ashland Brand Decorations and Funkins
Various Manly Tools

In case you get lost along the way, click on any of the participants listed to go to their blog~
Sara @ http://www.sarawandrews.com

31 thoughts on “A Fall Friend Waving Hello~

  1. I love this so much I am going to try and see if I can accomplish making my own pumpkin snowman. Of course it won’t be as cute as yours since your household lives and breathes for Halloween!

  2. Awesome pumpkin “snowman”! Super clever idea! And how did you get the vinyl on so perfectly? I’m a new follower (I think I did it right), so I bookmarked your blog and I’ll be back often!

  3. ADORABLE!!!! And because I never go to Pinterest, he looks like an original to me!! Do you remember what size Funkins you used?? How big is this guy once he’s got it all together??

  4. Okay, this is getting ridiculous- this project is so awesome – I had never seen this before (I try not to do pinterest too often or I’d never get off computer). I love this pumpkin man and all the work you did to him!!! By the way, I love your blog and spent alot of time reading through it-very creatively done and it makes me want to continuously return to it). Thanks for sharing your hard work!!

  5. What a great project! I looked first and then read that they were funkins! Love the leaf boa too! The face and the mouse are perfect and thank you for the transfer tape lesson – I needed that!

    • I bought all of my Funkins at Hobby Lobby. They were on sale for 40% off!!

      The nice thing about the smaller Funkins is they already have the hole in the bottom that fits right over the stem of the pumpkin below 🙂

  6. I think this is amazing. I love that you have a picture of all the tools needed. I love the cute little mouse hiding too. Thanks for playing along with us at FCCB.

  7. I love this idea!! The face is so cute with the star and moon for eyes and I love the mouse you added at the bottom. Thanks for joining the vinyl challenge at FCCB this week!

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