A Ghost! Eeek!!

Cricut is letting everyone use several of the Create A Critter 2 images for free this week. Yippee!

Since Hartly is SO excited about the ghosts on the Spooky Tree, I thought I would use the adorable ghost image to make her her very own Eeek shirt.

And I decided I would share the ups and downs of working with vinyl with you.

Cutting the vinyl~

For the Flocked Vinyl that comes backed with a special protective covering I treated it just like heavy cardstock; however, I double cut it and taped it to the mat.

The regular heat transfer vinyl I cut as regular cardstock without any problems or issues.

Placing the image on the shirt~

After picking the perfect spot for my little ghost I started to iron.

Do you see any thing wrong with this picture?

Ironing the image~

Yes, I’m ironing my image on the WRONG side of the shirt! Yikes!

After carefully peeling my ghost off the back I re-applied him to the front.

This just goes to show you how forgiving vinyl can be.

And it also shows how I like to use Parchment Paper as my protective covering, since I can cut the paper to size.

First layer~

The second layer of the pirate hat and eye patch will easily cover up my little oppsies.

Don’t be timid with the iron as it takes considerable heat and pressure to get all the layers to stick.

Peeling the protective cover off the second layer~

A final heating to set~

After all the layers are in place and attached I like to go over them all again to set everything one last time.

Just be very careful with the regular vinyl as it can easily scorch if not covered with transfer mesh, a cloth or parchment paper.

All done~

I added a few buttons as decorations, and my shirt is done.


It’s a ghost!

I used~
Flocked Vinyl, Regular Heat Transfer Vinyl, Favorite Findings Buttons and Bazzill Buttons
T-shirt,iron and parchment paper
Create a Critter 2 and CCR

15 thoughts on “A Ghost! Eeek!!

  1. Super cute. I was thinking about making a t-shirt to for my little toddler.. Thanks for the great ideas. I would of just left the ghost on the back and added another one to the front.

  2. So cute! I am new to the vinyl world. Where can you get flocked vinyl and regular heat transfer vinyl? Thanks for showing us the steps.

  3. Hello !! I just wanted to say that I’m so excited that I found a project that willto help answer some of my questions. I am interested in cutting some designs to iron on some new shirts with my husbandsidea business name and logo and i have been searching and asking and wondered around hobby lobby almost 3 hours today getting every answer that I didn’t want. I was told there is NO vinyl heat vinyl or heat transfer vinyl. So if you could be ever so kind and please let me know the details about the flocked heat transfer vinyl and heat transfer vinyl you used? I am so thrilled i found your project! Thanks so much!

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