Then & Now~

You might find this hard to believe, but I let a friend talk me into taking a digital scrapbooking class over at

Shocking, I know!

The only thing better than taking an online scrapbooking class is buying one when it’s on SALE. Yippee!

Up until today all I had gotten out of it was a daily Groupon email telling me about the unbelievable deals in my area.

But, today I finally started Jessica’s Up and Running with Photoshop class.

My layout~

This is a quick page meaning I added the photos to the background page, and then I added the pre-made title, embellishments and journaling.

Easy peasy!

And once again Jessica taught how to save my project for both printing and web or internet purposes.

I can not tell you how valuable this lesson has been to me. It makes emailing and loading projects to various message boards a quick and simple process rather than the 12 step program I was using. Yippee!

Now I just need to see how my friend is doing on the class….

One thought on “Then & Now~

  1. Oh My! I think this might be one of my fav layouts that you’ve done!! Hmmmm…I wonder if it’s because I’m tickled to see that 1% of the 2% is being represented so handsomely ; ) LOL!!!!! Just kidding…I LOVE seeing layouts of all 3 of your percents (now where are the layouts of you & DH????!!) !!!!!

    Ummmm…as far as how your friend is doing on the class…if I know her, my best guess would be that she hasn’t even given a thought to starting to work on the class ; D !!

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