Who took their Silhouette on vacation with them?

Oh Yeah! Me!!

I am a geek, but I know it and celebrate it.

But, really what else am I supposed to do while Hartly naps?

So, it makes sense now right?

Anyway, my Cricut and normal travel companion was left at home during this trip, because I had to send my Gypsy back to be worked on.

It suffered the black screen of death! Yikes!

And without it I would have to take a boatload of cartridges. Packing for a family of five means that’s NOT happening.

So, I’m using this time to take my Kerri Bradford Getting to Know You Silhouette classes over at JessicaSprague.com.

I can’t say enough good things about this class. It’s easy to follow, not expensive, and you get a TON of free cuts and images from Kerri. How awesome is that?

This is my Silhouette before~

And my Silhouette after~

A close up~

This cut comes free with several others upon purchase of your machine, but it was also part of our class homework assignment.

I used DCWV A Type of Art Matstack paper. I love this stack with it’s bright colors and fun text images!

I suggest setting your machine to double cut the paper especially if you’re using the paper with gloss.

As an added bonus my Silhouette didn’t have to be slathered in sunscreen!

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