Project Life 2012 ~ March 25th through April 14th

I got a little bit more done today. Yippee!!

Week of March 25th~

I LOVE the Today 4 x 6 card by Loni Stevens. It made a perfect base for my Birthday Chick from Imagine More Cards.

Those are actually leftovers from Hartly’s birthday party favors. I’m recycling!

Week of April 1st~

Yes, my daughter is playing with toilet paper. Don’t all children?

And yes, that is a dinosaur on the block I turn to go to work each day.

Doesn’t everyone give directions to their office by saying, “Turn at the Dinosaur?”

A close up of the bunny~

Week of April 8th~

A close up of the bunny again~

He’s SO cute I didn’t think you would mind.

Okay, I think that’s enough Andrews Family craziness for one day.

Hopefully, I’ll be back with more soon.

July is almost here! Eeek!

One thought on “Project Life 2012 ~ March 25th through April 14th

  1. You’re on a roll!! Hmmmmm…I wonder if, instead of looking at & drooling over all your progress, I should maybe, just maybe be trying to make some progress of my own???????!! I reckon it’s somethin’ to think about : ) !!

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