I am Here to Live Out Loud~

Ever since I saw the vinyl record paper in DCWV The Mod-Retro stack I knew I would be cutting it down to look like a 45.

At least that’s what the hubby and I think it was called.

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a real one.

In fact, I have a basket full of cassette tapes buried in my closet some where. The kids probably wouldn’t even know what they were!

Anyway, my card~

I will not tell you how many times it took me to cut it perfectly round and center using CCR.

I tried using Cricut Craftroom Basics, but I don’t think that my image was a true circle. So, it was George to the rescue.

I stitched the top of my base circles to form the card and then simply added my layers.

The inside~

I think this will be a nice pick me up card.

Which I just might need after explaining to the kids about 8 Tracks, rotary phones and growing up with only two TV stations. Kids! What would they do without technology?

I used~
DCWV The Mode-Retro Stack
Recollection Glitter Shapes, twine, TH Tiny Attacher
CCR, George

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