Working with Frames & Textures~

It almost sounds like an HGTV show, doesn’t it?

But, it’s Lesson 3: Add Frames & Texture to a Photo from Jessican Sprague’s Photoshop Top 5 – Essential Techniques.

Here’s my original photo~

And after playing with a frame, a clipping mask and several textures this is my final version~

This lesson really helped me to understand the different ways you can manipulate the various layers, and the impact both big and little it can have on your photo.

As an added bonus I have a whole section of buttons that I’m no longer frightened of! Yippee!

2 thoughts on “Working with Frames & Textures~

  1. Geez…another class that I’ll be taking months after it was given 😛 !! You keep on taking digi classes & then you can teach me!!!

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