Playing Around with Photoshop~

With Jessica Sprague!!

Her wonderful and educational website,, is turning 5, so to celebrate Jessica is teaching a FREE class called The Photoshop Top 5.

Day One was a Welcome to Photoshop and a tutorial on how to edit a picture.

Now as simple as this sounds, I am extremely intimidated by all the options, buttons, parts and pieces that make up Photoshop Elements. So, I tend to stick with the Auto Correct feature that comes with the basic photo gallery on my computer. Silly, I know.

Here is my original picture~

Jessica walked us through how to correct skin tones, contrasts, using the screen and soft light features and then we turned our photos into black and whites or more accurately a sepia tone. She even showed us how to sharpen those images.

My finished product~

Today’s lesson will be making a digital scrapbooking page using our picture. I can’t wait!!

Did I mention she showed how to save an image in a web size? This means I won’t have to use Photobucket to resize and load pictures on certain Message Boards. Woo Hoo!!

I have to say that I just LOVE her teaching style. She just makes it so easy to follow along.

I wonder if she could help me figure out how to program the auto windshield wipers in my car?

Or how to get my iPod off of the shuffle mode?

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