Not your average project~

Is it?

My hubby, the Varsity Softball Coach, wanted to recognize one of his player’s hitting this season. So, he came up with the Silver Slugger Award and asked if I would personalize it.

Of course, when he first asked he mention a bat. Imagine my surprise this morning when I found a tape measure waiting for me with his notes.

My first response was HOW on Earth was I going to get all that information on that small surface? My second was I wonder just HOW small I can cut vinyl?

But, I did it!

I used CCR and Cricut Craft Room Basics Standard Font at a size of .5″ for my letters and numbers.

To cut the vinyl I set my blade to a depth of 4 to achieve a kiss cut. This means cutting the vinyl, but leaving the paper backing intact.

I weeded or in simpler terms removed the surrounding excess vinyl away from my letters. I also used this cut to properly position and space my images on the tape measure.

I then placed the Transfer Tape on top of my image and rubbed until the vinyl letters easily peeled off the paper backing.

Here is my vinyl all ready to be place on the tape measure~

To adhere you simply rub it on until you can lift the transfer tape without lifting the vinyl.

The finished project~

I am sure this will be an award that is remembered for a long time.

I hope she likes it or if not at least let’s her dad use it!

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