Oh No!

We hear that A LOT in our house as I’m sure you can imagine.

Lately it’s been in reference to her bed’s disappearance. We are waiting on the delivery men for her new Big Girl bed as I type.

So, hopefully tonight our bed will be Bed Bug free!

For the past three days she has walked into her room and given us a very dramatic, “Oh No!” This is followed by a “No Nite-Nite, Mama! No Nite-Nite!” And if she’s really full of herself she will lay down in the empty spot from her bed and start to snore. An actress in training, that girl!

But the best part of all is that no matter how many times she has walked into her room it’s still that geniuine shock of the missing bed all over again. And I know that’s something I will always want to remember.

My Oh No! layout~

A close up of my title~

I used Opposites Attract for the “oh” portion and Robotz for the “No!”.

I knew I wanted the bed image from Paper Dolls for Everyday, but once I saw the negative I knew I had to include that as well. It’s just like the big empty space in her room.

And every bed has to have a teddybear, right?

I used~
Paper Dolls for Everyday, Robotz, Opposites Attract
Studio Calico’s Encyclopedia kit- Journal tags
Echo Park This & That Collection for paper and chipboard pieces

I plan to use this as my Cricut Circle Monthly Challenge entry for Milestones & Memories. You know us we celebrate everything!

Hopefully, tomorrow we will be celebrating a night spent in a new Big Girl Bed! Wish us luck.

6 thoughts on “Oh No!

  1. What a great layout. That is a perfect way to use the “negative” on the layout. I love the Echo Park paper behind it all great job. Loving your little story on this layout too – she sounds just like my little one. Good luck on the bed situation (I’m to afraid to make this change 🙂

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