As in I wish I could figure out HOW to use Tags, Bags, Boxes and More 2!! I don’t know why it’s SO difficult to include complete instructions with products these days. Oh well!

As in I wish I could learn from my mistakes. Would you believe I made this same box back in February? It was too small for the giftcard I wanted to put in it Luckily, giftcards to Flemmings are smaller than the ones to Bass Pro Shop.

As in I wish I had more patience to let my Stickles dry completely. But, I doubt that’s going to happen either.

So here is my giftcard box~

It’s actually perfect for a standard size giftcard. I used the Fit to Page feature and hand scored all of the folds. For the life of me I can NOT figure out how or when to use the scoring blade.

I used the premade TC Celebrate Wish tag and added a chipboard birthday cake for dimension. I used Stickles on the candles and icing for a little sparkle.

I have to tell you I just LOVE the pendant paper the box is made of. I love it so much, I saved the paper from the botched pizza box I first attempted. Hopefully, I can salvage it as it’s too cute to waste!

I usually would wait to take pictures in natural light, but tomorrow is the big day. And a certain little one has already gotten her little fingers into the wet Stickles! Sigh! I guess that icing looked good enough to eat.

I used~
Teresa Collins Celebrate Pendants paper, chipboard elements and tags
Tags, Bags, Boxes and More 2
Orange twine, Crystal Stickles

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