Project Life ~January 29th through February 5th

Still playing catch up! But, it is fun looking back and seeing just where the time has gone.

If you haven’t noticed there is one thing that is very important in our family…. FOOD!
We love to eat. We plan entire trips and weekends around where and what we are going to eat. I think it really shows in this post.

The week of January 29th~

The week of February 5th~

A close up of another of our favorite things~

Snoopy’s Street Fair!!
I can’t tell you excited I was to earn enough coins to buy Patty and her balloon stall. Yippee!!

A close up of my Imagine More Cards Cow~

And now I am hungry! Wonder if I’ll find any shrimp or Krispy Kremes in the kitchen? Doubt it!

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