Happy Birthday Chick!!

The littlest is turning TWO on Easter Sunday! I can hardly believe it!

Maybe that could explain why her party invites were done by text messaging.

In fact accompanying this picture~

was a message stating her party would be at Grandma’s house right after the Easter Egg Hunt. And a 12 pack of TP makes the perfect gift!

It makes NO noise, requires NO batteries, there’s not 1000 pieces and it’s reusable. Really, look how much fun she is having!

I fully understand that I will NOT be winning any Mother of the Year awards nor will Martha Stewart be asking me any party planning advice.

But, I did make a centerpiece for her party table and party favor gifts~

I used Imagine More Cards to cut the chick tags at real size 3.5″. The label was cut at 7″ as the complete image.

I thought the chicks would be cute to go along with the Easter Bunny cakes I’m making. See I am doing something I normally don’t do. I’m making the cake myself!

Maybe that will get off the naughty Mommy list?

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Chick!!

  1. OMG!!!! I’ve got shoes just like those!!! Maybe the LM would like to see a pic of them soon??? You know, she’s probably just trying to build a nice, cushy landing for the next temper tantrum…I’m just sayin’ : ) As tired as you must be every single night of your life…I’m sure you know just how lucky and blessed you really are…x 3!!!!

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