Butterflies Fluttering By

Lately I’ve been seeing adorable Easter and Spring garlands on all sorts of projects. They’ve been on everything from cards to layouts to home decor. Since the house is clean, the kids fed and I have a few minutes before bathtime I sat down to see what I could come up with.

Okay, I didn’t actually get to sit down except during the sewing portion.

I have been contemplating making this for several days, so I was estatic when I saw a Pebbles in my Pocket butterfly garland Silhouette cut file on sale.

But, why use just one butterfly when you have SO many to chose from? So, I also had my Cricut Expression cutting butterflies from CTMH Art Philosoply at 3.25″ wide.

I used Teresa Collins new Fabrications Canvas paper. It’s SO pretty! And the double sided 12×12 sheets were the perfect weight for this project, nice and heavy.

Here are my butterflies cut~

Here is your warning~ I am a novice at the sewing machine, so my stitches are loose, crooked and most likely will not stay put. I’m sure there are a 100 better ways to accomplish this task. But, I tried and that’s what counts. If only someone in my family could teach me how to sew. He he!

I started by feeding a generous amount of thread through my machine. I then began sewing the two butterfly pieces together and feeding more thread through to space out the butterflies. Once I had them all attached I seperated the wings. Easy Peasy!

A close up~

Wouldn’t this be pretty if you used ribbon or maybe even beads? Let me know if you have any tips to share, especially with the sewing!

But for now it’s bathtime.

One thought on “Butterflies Fluttering By

  1. Hope you have a nice bath ; ) LOL!!!!! I know, I crack me up too!! If only your Dear Mom cared enough to try to teach you to sew!

    Ok, enough silliness, time to straighten up & be serious…LOVE the butterfly garland!!

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