You’re Just My Type

I joined a Charm Swap on the Cricut Circle Board and just got my package in the mail this week. YIPPEE!!

This was SO much fun! Especially now that I’ve learned how to cut Shrinky Dinks with success.

Here is my charm~

I used Imagine More Cards to cut the typewriter at 1.6″. I then cut the card at 2.6″ as one complete layer. I used Peppermint Divine Twine to attach my charm to the card and put my message board name and info on the back.

Here are the wonderful charms I received~

They are each as special and wonderful as the ladies who made them. Thanks ladies and a special thanks to Renee for hosting this swap!

For details on how to cut Shrinky Dinks please see my earlier post You Can’t Pinch Me

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