Today is brought to you by the letter A, R and H

Can you tell what show we watch A LOT of in our house?

All of my projects today involve LETTERS! All shapes and sizes. Elmo would be proud.

My first project is the letter a for Ashlyn~

I used CTMH Art Philosophy to cut the lowercase a at 11.5″.

I guess I should finally admit that my very first letter H from earlier in the week didn’t turn out like I wanted, so it got recycled here. I couldn’t waste ALL those pop dots. The cut pieces worked great to make my layers sturdier.

I also got over my need for the strings going the same direction. That just wasn’t an option with this lower case letter a.

Ashlyn didn’t want a butterfly, flower or any decorations on her a, but she wasn’t totally happy that I couldn’t save the opening in the center of the a. So, we decided to add the rest of the letters of her name and some bling.

I cut the letters at 2.25″ and welded them together using purple cardstock from the DCWV Bright stack.

Here it is displayed in her room~

And really does it mater which way the strings are going?

Okay, only to me!

My second letter project was to dress up a plain kraft gift bag for a party we’re going to today. Nothing like waiting til the last minute!

I used Blast Off to make the letter R in honor of the Birthday boy.

The R and all it’s layers were printed on kraft paper and were cut at 3″. I also cut a tag at 3″.

My final letter project is H for Holden~

I used Plantin Schoolbook to cut the H at 6.72″.

And as you can see it’s not finished. I’ve learned to delegate and Holden is wrapping his own.
I love that boy! Because as silly and simple as it seems, these string letters sure were stressful to me. But, they also reminded me of my childhood making God’s eyes. Remember those? I might never of made a Cootie Catcher, but I certainly made God’s eyes!

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