Project Life ~ Week Two

Week Two of Project Life~ I am on a roll now!

As you can see we at the Andrews’s house are very exciting people. Ha! What does it say about us when the highlights of the week are Hartly’s unique way of eating Oreo’s and Ashlyn’s irrational fear of cats? Sigh.

You know all those cute little images you find on your Cricut cuts, but don’t know how or where to use? Well, Project Life is perfect for those.

Here I used the finger with the string tied around it to remember something important from the Imagine More Cartridge. Cut at 2″ real size.

From Kate’s Kitchen the best motto in the world cut at real size 2″.

Since I had to show my new toy, Silhouette, some love, I used it to cut the letters in the word Remember. The font is Frank Ruel at size 144.

I added orange twine to tie around the letter R to mimic the finger.

Now I think I will take that motto and put it to use today!

One thought on “Project Life ~ Week Two

  1. LOL!!!!!!!!!! OMG, that pic of Hartly…it looks like she’s glaring at you ’cause she thought you were gonna take one of her cookies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t know, Toots, you make my family positively look like dullards ; ) !! Keep rockin’ & rollin’…you’re doing great!

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