You Can’t Pinch Me ~Shrinky Dink Shamrocks

My newly 13 year old daughter has developed a love of jewelery, purses and all things Bath & Body Works. Sigh! They are all signs of her growing up!

Much of her jewelery are cute little charm necklaces. So I thought with Saint Patrick’s Day coming I would make her a charm for her necklace or the zipper pull for the hoodie she always wears.

After a rough start with Shrinky Dinks last Summer I now LOVE them! I jump at the chance to make them, but it does take just the right settings and maybe a little luck.

I chose the Shamrock from the Imagine More Cards cartridge found on page 7. I selected the layers button and deleted all the other images. I then clicked on the Real Size button and chose 3.5″. Remember it will shrink down considerably.

Here are the settings that I have had great success with using Shrinky Dinks for Computer Inkjet Printers~

Blade at 6, Multicut 2, Speed 4, Pressure 5 Print Qualitity on Draft

Make sure you place the plastic super shiney side down. There is a very scientific method of licking your finger to determine the print side on the package itself, so please read the directions! Really, I am NOT making this up!

As the plastic shrinks the color darkens, so you want it several shades lighter than your final desired color.

Don’t forget to punch your hole if you are using them as a charm! I used my Crop-a-dile to make a 3/16″ hole in the top corner. Remember to think about how you want your charm to hang.

I have started placing my charms in folded parchment paper. While this takes the magic of watching them shrink away, it also removes the worry of them curling over and sticking to themselves. This is especially important if your image has delicate cuts. But, if this does happen try to unstick them as quickly as possible and reheat them.

To protect the ink I sprayed them with several coats of Krylon Workable Fixatif.

The shamrock is now 1.5″. Perfect for either purposes.

I then went back to the original image and cut it as one complete layer at 3.5″. Don’t forget to reset your settings. This makes a nice card to give your charm to someone. I just added a jump ring and tied it with some cute Divine Twine.

A close up~

I made an additional charm for her to give away. Now she and a friend will be safe from any of those pesky pinchers!

6 thoughts on “You Can’t Pinch Me ~Shrinky Dink Shamrocks

  1. What a timely and darling project! Thanks for the fabulous education too – I would not have known to “turn down” the color. I definitely need to update my Imagine and try some Shrinky Dinks too! Perfect Paddy Project!

  2. Geez! I’ve been forgetting to check in with your new blog & you’ve been busy doing all kinds of stuff…you’re getting to be as busy as Linda ; ) !!!
    I still haven’t tried making shrinky dinks but, of course, I have some on hand : O

  3. Awesome project! Perfect for St. Patrick’s Day and I’ll be your daughter was thrilled! I haven’t tried the Shrinky Dinks yet either, but your tips are great and I might just have to jump in there and do it!

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