December Daily 2011 ~Week Two

On to Week Two of my December Daily album.

This week was filled with the hustle and bustle of getting ready for the holidays and packing a family of five into as few suitcases as possible. Fun times!

Day 8~

Day 9~

Day 10~

Of course, there is always time to stop and enjoy the good things in life like cake. Yummy!

Day 11~

For this day I did have pictures of a family event, but the highlight of this day for me was my twins deciding to accept Jesus into their hearts and going before the church to ask to be baptized. So no pictures for this day, just the dreaded journaling! Eeek! But, it’s important for them to know how and what I felt. Yikes, I’m still getting teary!

Day 12~

Day 13~

Day 14~

And with that we are off to Disney World! Here we come Mickey!

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