December Daily 2011 ~Week Four

Week Four of my December Daily gets to the best part of December ~Christmas and Family! Bet you thought I was going to say presents, time off or maybe even the food as those are pretty great too.

Day 22~

Do you notice that a certain little one is finally wearing a Mousey shirt rather than an Elmo one on the very last day?

Day 23~

Day 24~

Day 25~

Day 26~

Day 27~

Yes, I have a burned hot dog in my December Daily. Doesn’t everyone?

Day 28~

Doing a December Daily gave me the motivation to take more pictures of not only the important things, but also the trivial things that happen everyday that you want to remember. Like a burned hot dog or a messy floor. Okay, maybe not the messy floor as it seems I see that everyday. It also taught me to hand off my camera so that there would be actual physical proof that I was there. I’m IN the family pictures! YAY!

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